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  • • December 13, 2023

By teaching the course, I have noticed that the 30-second version is a tad short. The 2 minutes version could be a mouthful for a lot of people. So, I divided it into three 1-minute pitches that could be used separately based on the conversation. We will start with the core pitch that should begin every conversation.


A conflict is defined by who started it and who prevents it from ending. Everything else is irrelevant. 


After two decades, revolts, Massacres, expulsions, and Anti Immigration policies by the Arabs against the Jews. This includes the massacre of Hebron, where 69 Jews were killed, and it was the first time Jews were expelled entirely from Herbon in 3000 years.  Also, after centuries of genocides, forced conversion, and literally paying taxes for existing (Dhimi) by other colonizers, it was time for Jews to get their own land.  A Proposal was offered to divide the land between Jewish Palestinians and the Arabs in Palestine. That’s after Arabs were already given about 78% of the British Mandate of Palestine and named it after a local river. The Jews said Yes and celebrated, while the Arabs said no and declared a genocidal war against the Jews.  They continued this genocidal attempt by refusing four peace proposals and ignoring a goodwill gesture of evacuating all Jews from Gaza. So clearly, The Arabs started the conflict and, till today, prevented it from ending by wanting everything from the river to the sea.


For the majority of the listeners, this pitch will do the job. Still, a minority of people will immediately challenge that the reason why the Arabs did not treat us well is that we were European foreign colonizers who had no right to come to this land that belonged to the so-called Indgenioux Palestinians/Arabs. So, the second elevator pitch is divided into 2


Palestine is another Name for Israel and Judah


First of all, let me start by defining where the name Palestine came from:

Two thousand years ago, the Romans were so pissed off at the many Jews revolts that they wanted to erase Judea from the map by renaming the region Syria Palaestina. It was named after the Philistines, a long-gone Greek-descended ancient enemy of  Jews that were extinct in the 6th century A.C.
For example, Goliath from David and Goliath was a Philistine.
In other words, Palestine is just another name for Israel or Judah and very much of Jewish History.


Jews check every box for being the indigenous population. 


3300 continuous active presence, 1300 being the majority. There have been more than two dozen attempts to return (aliyah) and seven revolts since the Romans kicked us out and Judea was renamed Palestine. In the 11th century, the Gaonim, the international Jewish Judges, lived in Palestine. In the 13th Century, the second most important rand in the 16th, there was a full kabbalistic renaissance in Safed (Yes, the one practiced by Madonna). We mention Jerusalem, Zion, and Israel more than 200 times a Week. Even the most secular Jews say at the end of the seder every year, “Next year in Jerusalem.

The Jewish origin, Culture, and Identity is defined by that region called Israel, Judea, and Palestine. We check every box of what is considered to be indigenous.


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