Why you Are Here?

About Israel activists

If you want to defend Israel, or at least understand Israel, but don’t have a lot of time and energy to study long texts or read dozens of books, Israel Activists is the solution for you. We offer tools to fight anti-Israel propaganda effectively. Our goal is not only to create a stronger Israel and to reduce antisemitism internationally, but also to improve the lives of Palestinian Arabs and the entire world.

I know. If you didn’t already feel enough pressure to help Israel, I just put the entire world on your shoulders. But you can handle it.

So, how do we win the PR war? The key is easily distributed information. At Israel Activists, we provide each and every reader, whether Jews or allies, the information they need using tools that make every answer available in the palm of your hand.

Here’s how it works. By using our quick and refined search engine, we bring you the response you need, instantaneously. We take any question or challenge posed about the region, and deliver responses in quick and easy language that you can use with your listener or opponent, in real-time. Longer responses appear below short responses so you can understand the issue more fully. We will eventually offer scripts that will give examples of real debates and conversations. We are also archiving the internet for the best self-explanatory videos and images to make the process of influence even easier.

Feel free to test the search engine, but we recommend you start with a quick read of The Fundamentals to understand the basics. You will even learn how to explain the conflict in 2 minutes.

After taking in The Fundamentals, it’s time to learn how to be an amazing influencer and activist with Psychology of Activism. Once you’re out there, talking to people, if you run into any tough questions, we’ve got you. You don't need to know everything, because answers are just a quick search away. Just type into the search engine with easy suggestions, and Israel Activists returns your answer. If your question isn’t answered, just click the Ask Us, Challenge Us button at the top of any page, and we will get you a response in no time.

Israel Activists is truly a website that caters to, both, people with short attention spans and those who want a lot more information, to learn more.

In the end, our goal is to create an incredibly efficient distribution of knowledge. We want to be sure as many people as possible can understand the narrative as quickly as possible so they can explain it as quickly as possible to other people; thus, creating a viral effect. We truly believe that 1000 people with moderate knowledge are far better than 10 experts. So be sure to tell everyone you know who has questions about Israel, or who wants to better defend Israel, to use Israel Activists.

The viral effect that this might create can help change the discourse of the conflict and make Israel a stronger, more secure place.