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The Four Sticky Phrases

Genocidal (From the river to sea, Palestine will be free)
Human Sacrifice for Marketing
Child Soldiers

Four more sticky Phrases

A Track Record for Peace
Six Compromises and the Exit from Gaza
Anti-Israel Marketing machine
The Most Evil Regime in the World

The 2 Elevator Pitches

1.- A conflict is defined by who started it and who prevents it from ending. Everything else is irrelevant.

After two decades, revolts, Massacres, expulsions of more than ten towns, and anti-immigration policies by the Arabs against the Jews in the most crucial time. After centuries of genocides, forced conversion, and literally paying taxes for existing (Dhimi)
After the Arabs had already been given about 78% of the British Mandate of Palestine, which they named after a local river, a Proposal was offered by the UN to divide the land between Jewish Palestinians and the Arabs in Palestine. The Jews said Yes, and the Arabs said no and declared a genocidal war against the Jews.  They continued this genocidal attempt by refusing four peace proposals and ignoring a goodwill gesture of evacuation from Gaza.

2.- Jews check every box for being the indigenous population.

  1. 3300 continuous active presence
  2. 1300 being the majority
  3. There have been more than two dozen attempts to return (aliyah) since we were kicked out by the Romans and Judea was renamed Palestine.
  4. There were also seven revolts trying to get land back.
  5. In the 11th century, the Gaonim of Palestine was among the two core worldwide Jewish leaders.
  6. In the 13th Century, Nachmanides, the second most important rabbi of modern times, lived in Palestine and built the most important synagogue of that era.
  7. 16th Century Safed brought a full kabbalistic renaissance as we know it today (Yes, the one practiced by Madonna) and the
  8. The Shulchan Aruch, the book that defines all Jewish customs and rituals, was written
  9. Israel is mentioned 2280 times in the Old Testament, which we read three times a week
  10. we mention Jerusalem, Zion, and Israel more than 200 times a Week.
  11. Even the most secular Jews say at the end of the seder every year, “Next year in Jerusalem.

The Jewish origin, Culture, and Identity is defined by that region called Israel, Judea, and Palestine.


Two thousand years ago, the Romans were so pissed off at the Jewish rebels (the Bar Kochva Revolt) that they wanted to erase Judea from the map by renaming the region Syria Palaestina. It was named after the Philistines, a long-gone Greek-descended ancient enemy of  Jews that were extinct in the 6th century A.C. 

Famous Philistines 

Goliath from David and Goliath and Delilah, the love of Samson that betrayed him.

War sucks script

“I’m not up to date with everything that is happening on a daily basis, nor do I know every fact about the conflict, and chances are you are getting your information from very biased resources. Saying that, one thing is very clear to me: This is a more than 70-year-old conflict, and there is no way that I can claim that Israel has never made mistakes. But in the end, it’s all about who started the war and who is preventing it from ending. Clearly, on both counts, the reality is pointing at the Palestinian leadership.”


“Look, man, I can spend time discussing and analyzing with you every detail,” or we can agree that war sucks and we can’t get everything perfect. “Yet (as explained in the fundamentals) the Palestinian’s leadership started the war, and the Palestinians are preventing it from ending.”

Key Ignored Facts

  1. From 1920 to 1939, Jews experienced 11 massacres and Violent Revolts and were fully expelled from 12 towns in Palestine.
  2. This included the Hebron massive, where they evacuated for the first time in 3 thousand years, and 67 were murdered.
  3. 900K Jewish refugees were pushed out of Arab Countries since the independence war.

Offensive (advanced)

When you meet a real hater, ask them if they want all of Israel or two-state solutions and make sure that as many people are listening.

Challenge your opponent to see whether they really care about the Palestinians.

Ask Human rights activists if they care about People in Mauritiana that a fifth of the population are black slaves. What about the Million Uyghurs that are oppressed in China or the genocide in Sudan?


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