How do We Win the PR

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • August 5, 2022

Ok, what do we do here? How do we win the G-d forsaken Public Relations (PR) crisis we are in right now? Well, to start, we need to understand a bit more about what PR consists of. To be more specific: It is about understanding marketing, influence, and the psychology of the mass population.

Now one of the three keywords above is Influence. This is the goal. I know it might sometimes seem that our goal is to crash a hater in debate. To push back Anti-Israel activists, to make ourselves feel like Israel is the best country, but that’s not our goal. Our goal is to distribute Pro-Israel data to as many people as quickly with as much clarity as possible, and that’s how we achieve influence. I can appreciate that this was a mouthful so let me bring it down a nudge. We want as many people to learn about the Israel story/narrative. And they need to understand the story well enough that they can tell other people the same story. That’s how you achieve the viral effect.

Ok, if that’s clear, let’s break it down a bit more. How do we achieve this viral effect? We make sure our story is short, clear, and easily repeatable. Our story, in this case, is the 5 Concepts of Influence that you can read in the fundamentals, and we will teach you how to explain the narrative within 2 minutes. Then, if the listener is interested to hear the entire story, there is a longer 5-15 minutes version.

You will learn how to tell these stories with pure conviction that when the person listens to you, he has no doubt that you know what you are saying. We will provide you with catchphrases or words that can be repeated thousands of times and can fit in any sentence. You will be encouraged to use them often. Then as a final touch, you will use a resource such as this that will answer any question and challenge you might encounter in any discussion within one search.

If this sounds a bit too Marketish for you, don’t worry: the Anti-Israel Marketing Machine has been doing this type of PR for the past 50 years and progressing quite well. With terms such as occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and settler-colonialism, they have managed to influence top leadership contenders such as Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders to take on their cause.

I hope you also noticed what I did here: the term Anti-Israel Marketing Machine. A catchphrase I invented myself clarifying that the haters are simply marketing specialists and don’t represent the real truth.

If you are not comfortable using the same tools as the opponents or, as some people like to say, “sink to their level,” we are using a small segment of our opponent’s tools. We are not sinking to their level like, for instance, when they use their won people’s suffering as a tool of influence. In the end, it is natural in marketing to use the strategies that work best for your competitors, and there is no reason we shouldn’t use them.

If for some reason, you find that we can’t compete because we are out-populated 100 to 1, well, again, I disagree. Most Arabs or Muslims are more concerned with their own issue than the Palestinians, even if they say otherwise. While we are a smaller population, we are more focused, have more resources, and have more specialists. So many of the behavioral psychologists and economists in the world happen to be Jews and Israelis. Most importantly, we have a better product. We are actually an ancient indigenous population from thousands of years that showed compromise at the beginning of the conflict and often tried to end it. We can create massive influence if we get focused and use the right tools.

Also, we still have a lot of resources. If we start teaching our story in Jewish schools, Hillel offices, community centers, etc., we can build a massive team of leaders that can out influence an opponent a thousand times our size.

By getting  Zionists to focus and define their case in a clear, repeatable format, we can reverse this PR crisis and potentially change the way people feel about the country. Together we can continue the David and Goliath story.

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