How to Make Peace 2, United Nations

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 5, 2022

The UN is a fascinating organization. It was built right after World War 2 with the intention to unite all nations and hopefully promote peace. It is an institution that creates international Law, focuses on aiding refugees, and all-around tries to make the world a better place kind of an organization. Internationally the UN is a symbol of peace. They even have a military of peacekeepers known for their Blue Helmets. It all sounds amazing in theory, but there is a problem. The UN is supposed to be a democratic organization that represents all countries. Unfortunately, most countries are not democratic, only 13.8% of the world is considered to be full democracies, and more than half of the world are full fledge dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. Some of the world’s biggest human rights violators are not preoccupied with the well-being of their population and feel comfortable investing a disproportionate part of their budget in propaganda that gets them into higher positions in organizations like the UN. In other words, you can’t really get anything done in the UN unless it benefits some authoritarian regime. That’s why genocides across the world, like in Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Xinjiang, are never dealt with and are rarely solved. While I’m sure some good people work and function within the UN, at the end of the day, they answer to countries with zero concern for Human Rights and sometimes are the biggest offenders.

Ok, so let me offer some facts: on the Human right council, which is self-explanatory for what the department is supposed to do across the world. We have China, Venezuela, Russia, Somalia, and Mauritiana sitting on the board. Mauritania, BTW, is a country where a fifth of the population is black slaves in modern times. And it is probably the most humanitarian country of all the other ones I just mentioned.

Let’s take it to the next level, the UN just voted Iran to the Women’s Rights Commission. Iran, ladies and gentlemen, a country ranked by the World Economic Forum‘ at 140 out of 144  countries for gender parity. There is no women’s right in Iran, but now they have a say on women’s rights policies.

Because of this reality, the UN is simply a clusterfuck with absolutely no way to fix itself outside closing down shop and replacing it with a multi-national organization that only represents strictly democratic Humanitarian countries. It is absolutely hopeless.

Yet out of all these super sad yet somehow ridiculous facts, it starts becoming very scary once we understand the stats that revolve around Israel.

Between 2015 and today, the UN had resolutions condemned Israel 112 times. In comparison to Iran, who had 5, Syria had 8, North Korea had 6, China, the biggest violator in the world, 0, and Israel had been condemned 112 times. 2.5 times more than the entire world combined. The commission on the status of women made 4 resolutions condemning Israel, a nation known for Strong feminist movements. Ok, 4 doesn’t seem bad; Besides that, the rest of the world was condemned zero times. There is clearly no oppression against Women in the world.

And this is the UN for you.

So why is this happening? Well, it started initially with a marketing campaign by the Arab Nations to demonize and weaken Israel. But now, it has taken a life of its own. Any dictator and even democratic leader that want to remove attention from its own misdoing are happy to lead the UN in the direction of scapegoating Israel. There is also the reality that many countries want to be on the good side of Arab and Muslim Nations because of Oil resources.

So while, strangely enough, the UN still has a good reputation in the world’s view, it is just easy logistics to blame a democratic country that can’t retaliate. So why not blame Israel for all the world’s problems? Also, because Israel is often supported by the US, it’s a great way to leave a black mark on the big country’s reputation by its many enemies.

So based on what I just said, many of you are probably agreeing that the UN is a horrible organization for the world. Yet, it’s still questionable why do I claim that the UN is horrible for the Palestinians, considering they are doing a good job weakening Israel.

And that’s when we get to UNRWA.

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