How to Make Peace Part 3: UNRWA

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 5, 2022

Right now, within the United Nations, there are two separate agencies mandated to protect refugees: the first is United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, which is committed to protecting refugees all over the world. Then you have the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, also known as UNRWA, which has 4 times the budget per capita and two times the number of employees. Yet, it is strictly committed to protecting only Palestinian refugees. And no, you don’t have some extra wax in your ears. You heard it right. The amount of employees allocated to the entire world is half as much as the resources allocated to the Palestinians.

Well, you don’t need to smell it, you can see what they are doing.

The Palestinians are the only group in the world that goes through many generations of refugees. So you can have a castle in England, Surf in San Francisco, own the biggest financial institution in New York, and still be considered a refugee. This is clearly not the same refugee you have in Myanmar who have been pushed out of their region for a while but will only have these statues until they are relocated.

These undeniable facts require almost zero research, but when you start digging, you find so much smellier shit on the organization. Like when the UNRWA Chairman and educator Suhail al-Hind needed to resign because he got elected to Hamas leadership in 2017.  UNRWA vehicles have been used to transport terrorists and weapons to attack Israel. There have been many cases of finding Terror tunnels under UNRWA schools. Speaking of that, each UNRWA school has Hamas members to recruit students to their Hamas blocks. Within a small search on youtube, you can easily find young elementary school kids performing in a play showing killing of Jews and Israelis while glorifying suicide bombing and terrorism. If it had been anyone but the Palestinians, we would call these crimes breeding child soldiers.

There is no accountability for UNRWA, and the funds are randomly being used for terrorism, recruiting child soldiers, or making local leaders rich.

Like the UN, UNRWA somehow has an incredible reputation across the world. It markets itself as a refugee organization, and funding it simply means helping the poor Palestinians, even if UNRWA has Zero accountability to where the money goes and how the funded organizations use their budget. These are schools, camps, hospitals, and employees funded by UNRWA, which unfortunately is funded by our own tax money.

All these facts bring us to this question, is UNRWA really there to help the Palestinians? Because if we just dig a bit deeper, it seems the real undisclosed mission is to act on behalf of the UN to keep Palestinians as suffering refugees forever, so the world can keep scapegoating Israel. So to answer the big question, is UNRWA good for the Palestinians? Absolutely not, and it’s not good for the world either

Every once in a while a UNHCR commercial pops up for me on my Youtube or Facebook, asking for a donation to help poor helpless refugees in Syria and Myanmar. It saddens me to think about the missed opportunity to help other countries where all the resources and marketing go to UNRWA. We would have been able to fix so many bigger human rights concerns across the world.

There is no question that  UNRWA is one of the biggest blockers preventing the Palestinians from coming to the negotiation table, and with enough exposure, we could have this organization removed or reformed.

To take Canada, for example, the country where I live. Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a progressive young guy running the center-left party called the Liberals. I’m not here to throw political opinions; I simply want to discuss his Policy on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. I personally have seen that the guy is a friend of both the Jews and the Muslims. He does not seem to have too many issues with Israel and often supports Israel within the limitation of what his voters will permit him to do. What he really does incredibly bad is that he uses Canadian taxes to fund UNRWA. In 2020 he promised 90 million dollars for UNRWA. That’s a small change compared to the 1.5 billion dollars per year that comes from the US.

Now to be fair, Trudeau is not doing it to spite Israel, the Jews, or even the Palestinians. He is doing it because he wants to make Canada look more like a decision-maker in the UN while trying to get into the security council. Since most of us have failed to expose the UN and UNRWA, Trudeau is not at fault here. To prevent this from happening, we have to expose how corrupt and ineffective UNRWA really is, so voters will not want Trudeau to waste tax money on terrorism.

UNRWA is a huge obstacle for peace but, unfortunately, is not the only one. We will explore the few other obstacles. But first lets discuss the Palestinian situation and why they are stuck

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