How to Make Peace Part 6: Iran

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 5, 2022

Iran is such a fascinating country. I don’t think people give the Iranians enough credit because before the Arab Sspring, known for the Tunisian and Egyptian uprising, there was the Iranian election protest or, as they called it, the Iranian green movement.

And there was another protest 2 years later, just when the Arab Sspring started. Unfortunately, the world has missed the mark. Because, dDuring the Arab Sspring, the UN, Nato, and the US came to the Aid of Libya, giving Military Air protection to help the rebels oust the famous Dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Yet it is the Iranians who truly could have benefited from the world’s help.

Unfortunately, most countries in the Mmiddle Eeast are simply not ready for democracy, as we saw in In Egypt and Libya. It just turned back to be the same old.

But Iranians have shown to be ready. About 60% of Iranians want the Islamic Regime to end. The Iranian people seem to have a far more modern and moderate outlook on the world.

Also, the most positive thing that their so incredibly evil leadership has done right is providing a pPseudo- form of democracy, . Iinstead of just saying that “I’m the president and anyone who does not vote for me will die” like we saw in Syria when their so incompetent leader Bashar al-Assad got voted in with 97%.

The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, approves the candidates and lets the people run a semi-legit electoral process. At the end of the day, it’s all bullshit because the Ssupreme Lleader needs to approve all the important decisions the presidents make, but it gave the Iranians a real taste for democracy already for a few decades. In other words, the Iranians are ready, they are ready to move forward and build a modern progressive democratic nation, and the only obstacle is the regime that runs it.

An Iranian friend told me once that during one of the big revolts, the people and the government were in such disagreement that the army needed to hire outside Arabs to help oppress the uprising. That’s because local soldiers could not be fully trusted to align with the government.

The Iranian people were ready in 2009 and 2011, and the world has missed the opportunity. The 2009 protest was an election issue and the 2011 protests were encouraged by oil sanctions signed by Obama and other leaders. This was an amazing move because it cut off the source that feeds the regime and because the government couldn’t afford to take care of people, it created a perfect storm for an uprising.

Unfortunately, the 2011 uprising was not only a massive missed opportunity for Europe and the US to save the Mmiddle Eeast, it had the reverse effect. Obama’s team wasere trying to avoid another conflict at all cost and did everything in their power to achieve an agreement with Iran.

So they created a very weak nuclear agreement and brought Iran back to a more stable place, reducing the mood and supportdesperate need for changing regime revolt. There was a huge release of funds to the Iranian regime that came with the agreement. People on the right claim it was a $150 billion gift for agreeing with the contract,. wWhile pPeople on the Lleft claimed it was more like $50 billion of money that belonged to Iran and was simply released.

One thing is for sure, it was many tens of billions of dollars to fund terrorists across the world, to fund a massive amount of propaganda, fund the oppression of their own people, and worst of all, fund nuclear weapons in secret and encourage the middle east to start a nuclear race.

That agreement was the biggest missed opportunity with Iran. We missed the ability to financially weaken the regime so the moderate population could finally take their country back and remove the second most evil regime in the Mmiddle Eeast after Hamas, of course, because, at the end of the day, Hamas is the only regime that actually uses their people suffering for marketing.

And, yes, Iran is the biggest supplier of weapons and competes with Qatar as the biggest funder of Hamas. Iran also gained huge influence over the Iraqi population, and continuously threatens Saudi Arabia and allied countries.

The Iranian regime is truly the main agitator in the Middle Eeast. The only silver lining coming from those lunatics is that many of the Arab countries are so threatened by them, that they are ready to talk peace and normalize a relationship with Israel, which is huge.

To deal with Iran, leaders need to take more aggressive measures, which we, the voters, need to ask for. Again through communication, more and more people can understand the challenge in Iran and the Amazing potential to reform by giving the opportunity to the Iranian people.

Now  let’s discuss the last obstacle, the western world and their unproductive Boycottss in the next article

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