How to Make Peace Part 8: The Summery

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 5, 2022

So what kind of conclusion can we get from all we learned, and what quick summary can we offer to our listeners? What prevents us from achieving peace is not the Palestinians, most certainly not the Israelis, but foreign parties that get involved in the conflict and become a major obstacle. These groups provide reckless money, resources, and weapons with strings attached to keep the status quo. Hamas would not be able to sacrifice people in the name of marketing, recruit child soldiers or build terror tunnels if not for the resources they get. The Palestinian Authority would not be able to fund the multi-billion dollar pay-for-slay program if not for funding and influence. Most of the money is funneled through Unrwa, which is funded by our tax money as a method to keep Palestinian refugees forever.

It is nearly impossible to ask anyone to shut down or reform the UN, yet it is a lot more reasonable to shut down or reform UNRWA by simply exposing their reckless and corrupt ways. We need to expose that a majority of the world’s refugee funding goes to building terror tunnels and making dictators rich. Exposing that to the world’s voters would force many leaders in powerful democratic countries into rethinking the funding of UNRWA, that not only is not helping anyone but is part of the reason why we can’t move forward. If this does not resonate with people, focus on exposing the fact that the UNHCR, the other refugee organization for the rest of the world, is begging for money and exposure for serious problems like Sudan, Mynmmar and Mauritiana. But they can’t because all the money, resources, employees, and PR goes TO UNRWA and the corrupt Leaders associated with the organization.

Than, you got the three musketeers who independently fund Hamas: Qatar, Iran, and turkey. Like Saudi Arabia, which used to be part of the Hamas funding party, Qatar wants legitimacy across the world. The world cup is there in 2022. Exposing them as the country that funds extreme terrorist organizations might actually get them to reform and become part of the ever-successful Abraham accords. In reality, most of the Arab countries who are funding or used to fund the Palestinians, are getting tired and realize that supporting this genocidal dream of removing Israel actually prevents their own progress. We need to put pressure and support our leaders to pursue the Abraham accord. It truly is the biggest solution and the most significant progress we have achieved till now.

Another major obstacle to peace that keeps Hamas the biggest agistator with money and weapons is Iran. As I explained before, Iran is one of if not the only population in the middle east outside Israel that is truly ready and has practiced democracy. The only obstacle to becoming a moderate modern country is The Authoritarian regime that runs the place. That means if we can only keep the sanctions a bit longer, the Iranian people will start revolting, and hopefully, the world will wake up and help them. Again all this will work if the right distribution of information reaches our leaders. We need to expose Iran not just as the biggest agistator in the Israel-Palestinian conflict but probably the biggest agitator in the middle east in general. Expose that this regime is really pursuing nuclear weapons and, with that encouraging a nuclear race so other Middle Eastern countries cannot protect themselves. They are also the reason why Syria and Lebanon are in crisis, so expose that. It is essential when we talk about Unrwa, Qatar, and Iran, we are not just exposing the obstacles of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but other issues across the world which are also being affected.

By exposing and hopefully removing these obstacles, we can make sure that the peace negotiation is between Israel and Palestinians and not Israel with multiple parties.

Once it is just about Israelis and Palestinians, we have one last challenge. The negative PR that empowers the Palestinians to be stuck in this uncompromising destructive mental state. This dangerous idea is that the only way to move forward is to take over everything from the river to the sea and call it Palestine. Nowadays, it is very hard to adjust this regressive dream if they see that the world agrees with them more and more. In a strange way, many Palestinians, even if they are stateless and suffering, somewhat feel that they are slowly slowly winning a war, the PR war that is. And it will be hard to divert them from that sense of empowerment till Peace loving individuals win the PR struggle. We must push the idea that the Jews are also indigenous and deserve to be in that land. We must point out that Israel offered 4 compromises after 1948 and is a true partner of peace.

So the strategy to fix the middle east conflict starts with us, as in western/North American voters and taxpayers. So much of the fuel that feeds the conflict indirectly comes from the western world. The Palestinian people and leadership are empowered in the wrong direction because we accept and sometimes promote a false narrative that Jews should not be in that region. This does not help the Jews or the Palestinians.

The western world has huge influence on the third parties that force the status quo on the Palestinians. Some third parties like UNRWA are fully funded by our tax money and wouldn’t survive without it. It is our own leaders that let money flow to the Palestinian leadership without any accountability.

Other Third parties like Qatar and Iran are there because of the policies that our leaders make and the oil we consume. The choice to put more or less pressure on Iran drastically affects their policy. The choice of sending teams to the world cup in Qatar, reading al Jazeera like it is a mainstream publication, and accepting funding to our university is a choice that the western civilization makes.

So the solution is not somewhere far away in the middle but here.

The solution is to get citizens or are also voters to demand change in how we deal with the middle east. But this, of course, is done by first exposing and educating the mass public. As activists, if we deliver the message clearly and quickly, we can create this mass change in world opinion that will hopefully bring on peace and let us focus on other bigger international issues.

So start talking to people. Expose them to the foreign bodies that are an obstacle to peace. Promote heavily the Abraham accords, and implement activist strategies that are promoted on this website for an effective Pr campaign. We don’t have to get all this right in one shot, but the more information gets distributed, the weaker the obstacles to peace become. With the Abraham accords, we are halfway to peace so let’s keep on pushing.

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