Introduction to Human Rights

  • 2 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • August 5, 2022

Yes, I know this is an Israel activism website, but I truly believe that this topic deserves its own section here. Too often, we discuss how the rest of the world is actually ignored. We are also often accused of simply using it as an excuse to remove attention from Israel. They call it whataboutism. Yet while this accusation is extremely unfair, it has a tiny bit of legitimacy to it. This does not take away the fact that the only Jewish state is being systematically scapegoated by the international leadership, especially the international totalitarian leadership. It does not take away that there is clearly disproportionate attention towards Israel where even retrieved yet from at least 5 genocides. But at the end of the day for us to claim that the world does not legitimately care about Human rights requires us to actually care about Human rights ourselves, if we choose not to be hypocrites. I also like to point my finger to the UN and scapgoating dicatatorships, but when I decided to actually open my eyes and go outside my expertise in middle east conflict, and explore human rights across the world, it has changed me completely. As passionate as I’m about teaching people to become better advocates for Israel, I’m now as passionate about exposing the world to what we have missed while sitting and debating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The goal for me now goes way beyond bringing rationality and hopefully peace to the middle east but also bringing human rights issues to the forefront. I want to expose many of the Israel activists to topics that go beyond Israel, Palestine or the middle east in general. By keeping this information simple and hopefully easy to read, I’m hoping to infect the world with a real human rights bug instead of the superficial one we have right now. I’m looking forward for to you join me on this journey.

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