Genocidal Dictatorship and Genocidal Movement (Offense)

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • August 1, 2022

I covered some of the most important concepts and catchphrases of our struggle earlier in the book. It’s time to add to that list, by highlighting more key concepts and phrases that should be repeated in a consistent message. That kind of repetition is a big reason for the Anti-Israel Marketing Machine’s success, and we should fire back at them with stronger and more consistent arguments that anyone can learn. I hope you will use them well.

Genocidal Dictatorship and Genocidal Movement (Offense)

I don’t understand why the word genocidal is underused when it comes to the conflict. Actually, to be fair, the haters use it all the time, but the Zionists seem to avoid it. Every time I debate BDS with someone, they act like the boycott’s goal is a two-state solution.

But BDS founder Omar Barghouti makes it clear in almost every interview that he wants the entire region of Israel. If you check Article 6 of the 1988 Hamas Charter, it says that the group strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine, and Article 20 of the 2017 Hamas Charter, it refuses any peace agreements for good. When you see Anti-Israel protests anywhere in the world, protesters’ favorite slogan is “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” For all of you who don’t know local geography, that means all of Israel; and what do they want to be free from? It’s from the Jews.

If you follow Corey Gil-Shuster’s interviews on YouTube, people on the street make it clear that they are not interested in the 1967 borders, nor the 1947 ones. They want it all, and they want the “Jews to go back to Europe.”

The only thing that they never reveal is how they plan to do this. But if you pay attention to their words and actions, it’s pretty clear that the strategy is to kill us until we get scared enough to leave. That is said clearly by the Hamas-affiliated Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh:

This Zionist vision will not be changed by the wishful thinking of Palestinian, Arab, Islamic or international “good behavior,” rather, (as historic experience has shown) by armed resistance that would make Israel lose its pillars of security, economy and stability and force it to withdraw under the clatter of arms.

So, when people ask why you’re so passionate about defending Israel, make it clear: “I’m helping Israel because I want to defend Jews from another genocide.”

When you refer to the Palestinian leadership, don’t call them evil, and don’t call them unethical. Use the G-word, GENOCIDAL. If you see Anti-Israel protestors, don’t call them assholes (which they are, but it sounds silly); make it clear that they are promoting genocide.

When you discuss the history, and you tell someone we offered many compromises, don’t just say that the Arabs refused, say that Arabs or Palestinians continued to pursue genocide. Use that word all the time, because it’s really true. Do not use lighter language.

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