The Most Evil Regime in the World/Cruelest Human Rights Violators in the World (Offense)

  • 1 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 28, 2022

I guess that’s not much of a catchphrase, but it is important to repeat because people act that the Palestinian leadership is just a simple opposition.

Palestinian leaders, especially high-ranking members of Hamas, are not your standard evil guys. They have pretty much crossed every line of human ethics to achieve their goal.

From grooming child soldiers to using sick people and kids in hospitals and schools as human shields. That’s before getting to standard evil stuff like rape and hangings, as well as authoritarian acts like controlling the media. Also, there has never been an organization that actually used their own people for suffering (I cover that in the catchphrases below).

If you come across someone who tries to defend any of these actions, call him on it and tell him that he’s defending the cruelest Human Rights violators in the world.

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