Child Soldiers (Offense) 

  • 2 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 28, 2022

If you run in circles of Human Rights specialists, you know that one of the biggest atrocities a government can commit is to let children become soldiers. Encouraging and recruiting children to go to war is an abomination, and there are tons of statistics showing the continuous encouragement of Palestinian kids to get involved in the battle. According to a 2001 study by the Palestinian Women’s Committee, “The average participation of children in the (first) Intifada reached 73%.”

You can read about it in the following links:

One of the leading voices against the recruitment of child soldiers is Romeo Dallaire, founder of the Child Soldiers Initiative. I really don’t want to trash this man because he truly is a champion of Human Rights, but when you go to his website, there’s not one mention of the cruel grooming and brainwashing of small Palestinian children to pick up weapons and even become suicide bombers, and that’s not cool.

Pointing out their constant recruitment of child soldiers is a powerful way to show how evil the Palestinian regime truly is and what Israel has to deal with on a daily basis. If you truly care about children and you are ignoring what Palestinian leaders are doing, you might as well drop your towel because you are useless. (You can find more at Refworld, an online collection of reports compiled by the UN, which clearly has no love for Israel.)

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