Anti-Israel Marketing Machine (Offense)

  • 2 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 28, 2022

This term is my invention, and I hope it catches on. I feel that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is one of the biggest scams in modern history. It’s forced us to ignore many of the world’s problems. It’s forced us to ignore who is really causing Palestinians’ suffering while hijacking and damaging many of the progressive movements across the Western world. The Anti-Israel Marketing Machine has used some of the most brilliant tactics to turn a pretty one-sided issue of indigenous people dividing their historic land with their neighbors and then turning it into a credible debate, which they are strangely winning. Who are these people? Well, it’s a combination of different countries (Arab countries, Iran, Russia) that realized there’s a slim chance of destroying Israel by force, so they might as well invest in convincing the world that Israel is the biggest Human Rights violator on Earth. Oh boy, did they succeed!  Because if we had removed all the marketing, we would have all accepted that this entire discussion is entirely irrational. So by using the phrase “Anti-Israel Marketing Machine,” you are continuously reminding people that they have fallen victim to marketing, not reality. Use this phrase a lot, and use it well.

BONUS: From the River to the Sea (Offense/Defense)

Technically, this phrase belongs to the haters, but I’m not exactly sure why. It clearly states their goal, which is getting rid of all the Jews in Israel by committing another genocide. Don’t be afraid to use this term against them.

If they tell you that this phrase “actually doesn’t mean genocide, but a free country for everyone,” you are allowed to burst into laughter. This phrase is clearly a threat. It clearly means no Jews and erasing Jewishness “from the river to the sea.”

After all, if the Palestinians are not free under their Palestinian leaders on Hamas or Fatah, what do you think that’s gonna happen with the Jews?

Now that you have all of these ideas, use them wisely, and repeat, repeat, repeat. It’s a truly winning strategy.

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