Introduction to Marketing

  • 4 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 12, 2022

I want to apologize in advance that I need to get all business-y on your guys, but this is the unfortunate reality that the world revolves around marketing.

Unfortunately, the most interesting solutions are left in the dust and are not being used because the brilliant inventors, philosophers, or activists did not know how to market their Ideas. And even worse, some awful ideas or, even worse, awful leaders have made it to the top because they knew how to market and sell themselves.

And while we consume so many products, we barely see that marketers shamelessly use our own psychology to purchase their products. If I don’t dare say it, we are continuously being manipulated.

And you know who also always are happy to market shamelessly and use every psychological strategy they can get to get an advantage? Dictators, cCorrupt dictators that are interested in maintaining the status quo over their people and understand the weakness of their population.

Some focus on making their world-class human rights issue disappear. Some manage to make themselves look like wWorld-class citizens for at least long enough till they become so powerful and rich that they become untouchable. Some even find an amazing scapegoat to blame all their crime on, like what is happening in Israel.

Unfortunately, the good guys often avoid aggressive psychological marketing strategies or use them too late because they feel they have the truth on their side and don’t want to manipulate. And the truth is a good product, but without good marketing, it is nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the good guys do get it.

Martin Luther Kking Jr understood that he could change people’s perceptions by showing through media non-violent black protestors getting hurt by the oppressive white authority. Every time a peaceful protestor got injured, he managed to gain huge sympathy. He understood how to win people’s hearts with speeches that connected all people together.

Gandhi saw that he could stop an entire war with a Hunger strike. It’s all marketing, even if we call it different things. When we see a good guy marketing, we call it influencing. When we see marketing with bad intentions, we call it propaganda. Interestingly enough that those words by themselves are marketing terms to change your perception of the marketing tactics.

In this case, we need marketing to counterbalance one of the biggest international marketing scams in modern history, and that’s the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I can imagine this statement angers, offends, or at least gets so many eye rolls, and if you are one of those people, the next phrase will enrage you even more. You are a victim of marketing. Marketing that is so ingrained into some people that they actually think that this conflict is the biggest issue in the world. The marketing is so ingrained that even Zionists use terms like occupied, settlers, and apartheid as if we are singing the catchy radio slogan of our competition.

I can appreciate that by admitting bluntly that a lot of what we are doing here revolves around marketing, could damage the credibility of what I’m saying here. The haters could have a field day with this, claiming that this advocacy channel is promoting marketing and not the real truth.

But unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of losing focus, so I have no choice but to call it what it is. Because the Anti-Israel marketing machine has a 50 years head start and a significantly bigger budget.. The students influenced by thethat the Anti-Israel Marketing Machine has been influencing for the lastalready 30 to 40 years, are now politicians, business leaders, and influencers.

Research from ISGAP has found that about 5 billion of Qatar money has been funneled to American universities, 3 of it which were unaccounted for. All this is for marketing Anti-Israel Ideology. And if we start thinking like real marketers, we can reverse the damage in 5 years.

Why, you ask? Because once you start marketing well and deliver a message clearly and concisely while targeting the real pain points, the product still matters. The Anti-Israel product is full of corrupt leaders, oppression, and unclear origins, which took about 50 years to convince the world. The Zionist story, the Israel story, the Jewish story is about people using the same language following the same culture for thousands of years with deep indigenous connection, who continuously attempt to work on peace and prosperity, is an incredible product. If done right it will take a few years to reverse the damage.

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