How to remove Anti Israel Protestors From Unauthorized Places?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

If you notice how they are saying “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. This means that all of Israel will turn into Palestine, and Palestine will be free from Jews. This is a genocidal chant.

I’m a true believer in freedom of speech of assembly. I believe that even if the Anti- Israel Protestors are borderline protesting to commit another genocide, I understand that many of them are not necessarily aware of that and should have the right to protest.

But often, I see the haters sneak into events they need permission to be in or in a place that is clearly not appropriate for them to be in and do not legally have the right to. Even in universities where ideas should be promoted and exchanged, the protests often reach a level of harassment and intimidation that should not be allowed by law.

Just a few weeks back, I went to a local Jazz festival here in Montreal, where any kind of poster would be considered a sponsor. Yet somehow, a massive Anti-Israel poster was snuck in.

I would like to tell you that I was the hero that saved the day, got the security, and removed these people. But I missed my chance. By the time I started looking for the organizers, clearly, the security had managed to come by and tell them to leave. Maybe another awesome Zionist did the Super Hero thing. But out of this not-so-heroic story, I realized that I didn’t know what to say if I actually met this organizer.

Yes, I could say that these people are not sponsors and shouldn’t be there, but what if the person got all his sponsor money and was not very concerned about having their poster around. So in my own Super Hero Fantasy, I came up with a script that would fit this situation or any similar situation, including in university.

Zionist – Hello, Mr. Security. Have you noticed the big Anti- Israel Poster and protestors in the hall?

Security Manager – Yes, I did.

Zionists- Do they have the right to be there?

Security – I’m not sure, but it’s harmless. They are protesting Human Rights.

Zionists- No, they are not. They are protesting the genocide of the Jewish people.

Security- What do you mean?

Zionists- If you notice how they are saying “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. This means that all of Israel will turn into Palestine, and Palestine will be free from Jews.

Security- I’m not sure I buy that.

Zionists- Look, with the utmost respect, I can see that it looks like a complicated issue, and I can appreciate that you probably don’t want to make an opinion based on what I’m telling you. But please understand that Jews in your event/building are feeling harassed and unless you want to start having pro-Israel protestors on the other side to defend against genocide you probably should shut them down. There is simply no reason for them to be here.

Security- I’m sorry, I’m not ready to take them down

Zionists- Fair enough. Could I please have your name? Because when people start asking why the [event/location] is promoting genocide against Jews, I will be able to tell them that I gave a fair warning to [name] and nothing was done.

If you can’t switch the person in charge of the show or in charge of the security, you have truly done your best, and if you want to take it to the next step, bring it to Social Media and the News.

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

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