Do Jews Control Hollywood?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • December 26, 2022

Some industries have a significant concentration of Jewish employees, which often comes from the fact that Jews were not permitted to succeed or even work in other sectors. But does this concentration mean they control the industry or have a big influence? If that were the case, you would probably see more than 3 movies in the past 70 years that show Israel in a good light.

I have seen talented communicators respond to this question with humor in finesse, performing like they are taking over the world, Ironically. It takes a special skill to pull it off by making the other side laugh without making it condescending.

For the other more simple mortals, this is the answer.

There is no question that there is a big concentration of Jews in Hollywood. Few other industries are known to have a heavy concentration of Jews. Actually, one of the medieval Jewish-centered occupations was money lending.

This brought on one of the original stereotypes that Jews are cheap, money hungry, and not easy to deal with. Anyone unhappy with needing to pay back the money could have easily just blamed the Jews for being ruthless and greedy.

The Shakespeare play Shylock deals with this content which clearly turns the money lender into the stereotypical money greedy stereotypical evil Jew that wants a pound of flesh for the money that is owed. While based on its time, Shakespeare needed to make the Jew look bad, he does offer some social commentary about the Jew, asking if you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? I wonder if Shakespeare was trying to make some social commentary within the social limitation of the time that the Jew needed to be the evil Character.

The true reality behind this play is that most Jews were moneylenders in England because they were not permitted to hold any other job. This is the only way that members of the community could put food on the table. There was no conspiracy that Jews came together and decided that they went to control money by controlling the lending industry. It was literally the only job they were allowed to do.

Going back to Hollywood, it is a similar reality that so many Jews chose this industry because they could have been successful without much opposition. And yes, it also means that this is an industry in which members of the community helped each get a job where they couldn’t get somewhere else.

But whatever the origin story of Hollywood, does that mean that today they control Hollywood and have some kind of united influence to control other people and make other Jews more powerful? I’m sad to say no. I actually wish that they would. From the Golden Age of Cinema, I can count on one hand the number of blockbusters that depicted Israel in good light.  With the exception of Holocaust movies and biblical movies, we barely see movies showing the struggle of Jews.

When the Hollywood museum showed the history, they almost completely skipped the Jews. A more recent complaint is that whenever they portray Jewish roles, it is rarely played by a Jewish actor and as I like to complain, the Jewish actors that do play these roles are often self-haters. There is almost no sign of any Jewish influence in Hollywood, even if there are plenty of Jews. Hollywood could have single handedly changed the perception of Israel, but it never happened. They could have easily improved the perception of Jews, but they didn’t.

The reality is that Hollywood is an aggressive industry where people are too busy competing against one another instead of collaborating on some world scheme to influence the world.

I actually wish Jews in Hollywood would have more power or assert the power they supposedly have, but the fact is that they just don’t. And someone like Dave Chapelle pointing clearly in bad faith that there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood doesn’t change that fact. Sorry

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