Is it Possible to Do Jew and Have Nothing to Do with Israel?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • December 27, 2022

NO. Straight forward. A Jew is short for Judean. As in religious, cultural or blood descended from the Judean people, the southern Kingdom of Israel. Jews connect to Israel like the Dutch are connected to the Netherlands. It’s just 2 different names for the same people.

Is it possible to do Jew and have nothing to do with Israel?

So, first of all, we must first define what a Jew is. Jew/Judean (Yehudi) comes from the word Judah. One of the 2 last tribes of the Israelite people and the last kingdom of the Israelite people to survive. If we were speaking in modern times, we would have called it the province of Judah.

When we call ourselves Jews, we automatically associate ourselves with the Kingdom of Judah or the 12 tribes of Judah, you can’t escape that it’s in the name.

You also can’t escape that the kingdom and tribe of Judah was part of Israel, and the people of Israel, who are also synonymously known as Hebrews have spoken the Hebrew language in some capacity for the past 3000 years. These are the facts.

Now, as a Jew, you have the option to define yourself based on the religion of the Israelites, the culture of the Israelites or matriarch blood descended from the Israelites, but you can’t say that you as a Jew have nothing to do with a country called Israel. Religiously, we pray Shema Israel few times a day, we ask to return to Jerusalem at the end of Passover, we pray in the direction of Jerusalem, I mean we revolve ourselves around Israel so much, I just don’t understand how to dissociate Israel in any way.

For the few crazy cooks that are waiting for some miracle to come or the Messiah, I can see you might have some kind of argument, but why are you hanging out with holocaust deniers and people that want to commit another genocide against Jews to make your point? Yes, I’m talking to you, Neturei Karta Dick wades. It also reminds me of an old Jewish joke:

Yankel woke up one morning, started praying, put on his tefillin, did the Amidah, and started shouting to g-d.

“G-d, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee let me win the lottery, please G-d”.

He did the same thing the next week. This time he asked every morning after putting on his Tefillin and started shouting

“G-d plllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssse let me win the lottery.”

Next week he didn’t just do it in the morning, he did everyday after Mincha Mussaf and Shacharit.

“G-d please oh please oh plllleeeeeeaaaassse with sugar cone cherry on top let me win the lottery”.

One angel had some rachmunas on Yankel, and went to G-d to ask.

“G-d, what’s up, why aren’t you hooking up my homeboy Yankel?”

And G-d said, “I would if he would finally fill up a ticket.”

I mean, seriously, you are waiting for some kind of miracle from G-d but how many damn miracles do you need in the past 70 years to see that something really special is happening. Israel has survived against all odds 5 wars and become a country that heals the world with technology, medicine, and optimal foreign aid. Common, what’s wrong with you people.

Also, by most Orthodox standards, the Halachic definition of a Jew is descended from the mother. But the mother lineage has originated from the Israelite people so it’s very hard to misinterpret it. And I’m not so happy with the Halachic law on this one because I have to accept Neturei Karta and associate tribes like Satmar as Jews, and while I’m an orthodox Jew, I simply can’t, and I do go out of my way to let them know that they are not Jewish because Jews would never have promoted hurting other Jews. What is far more strange is the so-called Bundist Jews and many self-hating or, as I like to call them, non-Jews Jews.

I know, it is strange at first to tell someone that calls himself a Jew that he is not a Jew, but you get used to it, and it works. Because these people use their blood relation to the Jewish people as a marketing tool to shoot Israel down, so taking their power away is important and effective.

You will get many responses, like, who are you to define who is a Jew and who is not? Your answer should be, “I don’t decide just sticking to facts: The term Yehudi is derived from Judah, the southern kingdom of Israel. Just like Dutch are associated with Netherlands and Holland, it’s not possible to cut the cord, sorry. You can hate Israel, you can want its destruction, you can wait for the Messiah, but you cannot dissociate yourself from the country and its people.”

And this time, they can’t even use religion as an argument because they are mostly secular and atheist, so the only thing they have is the blood relation and cultural connection to the Israelites. Sorry Non-Jews, if you call yourself a Jew, you can’t act like you have nothing to do with the country.


Don’t be afraid to take power away from self-hating Jews by disclaiming he is not a Jew at all. You can read more in Taking the power.

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