Are the majority of Palestinians, innocent civilians separate from Hamas?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • January 8, 2024

By following opinion polls and interviews by a great Youtube channel called the Ask project, it continuously shows that the majority of Palestinians want everything from the river to the sea without any Jews.

Yet the clear picture comes with so-called pro-Palestinian protestors in the Western world who Continuously push Ceasfire and anti-Israel slogans but not once criticize Hamas or separate them from the Palestinians. Their Silence speaks really loud.

The October 7th  massacre Came with a new cliche: that Hamas is evil, but the Palestinians are not Hamas.

I’m very conflicted about this point. On one hand, it has its PR benefits. It lets the world know that Israel is really focused on Hamas and is not interested in hurting so-called innocent Palestinians. Still, on the other hand, when an individual Palestinian citizen does get hurt, it puts Israeli soldiers in a situation where it looks like they are killing innocent bystanders. 

Just recently, I listened to a brilliant Pierce Morgan interview with  Mosab Hassan Yousef, an actual son of one of the Hamas founders. 




Mossab clearly has an incredible distaste for Hamas and preaches that the Palestinians will rise up, and once Hamas is gone, they will celebrate. I loved the interview, and I truly hope that what he says is true. I also preach that the common denominator that we should have with the Palestinians is how we make their life better by getting rid of their real oppressors (of course, referring to Iran, Qatar, UNRWA, and the Palestinian leadership.)

So, while most of my articles on this site have an angle that explains what we should say in order to maximize PR benefits, in this case, I just want to offer an honest view and see how the PR situation evolves.  Speaking of evolving PR, I wrote this article 2 weeks after the October 7th massacre, with the hope that Hamas as an organization will not exist or will no longer be in power. So here we go:

While I can agree that Hamas is not all Palestinians, making a case that the rest of the Palestinians are somewhat completely separate identity from the crimes committed by Hamas is somewhat unfair. Putting aside that, we are not 100% clear of what actually being a member of Hamas consists of.

Do we count just the leaders, the soldiers (which is about 30-40K), or any person who is indoctrinated to the Hamas philosophy? Because that could possibly be a significant portion of the Palestinian population. I mean, what about the terrorist who called his parents to brag about killing 10 Jews, and his entire family cheered for him while his mom even said that she wished she would have been with him?  At what point do we accept that the mother of this terrorist is no less of a Hamasnik than her child? Every member of the 30k to 40k Hamas members have family and parents who, for the most part, are not considered part of Hamas but, if they could, they would be happy to kill and torture Jews.

And when it comes to the rest of the Palestinians who are not considered to be technically part of the Hamas ideology, are they completely innocent? I wonder how many Palestinians don’t exactly subscribe to the idea of raping and decapitating Jewish babies but, at the same time, are still very happy with the idea that Jews died. You can’t tell me that people did not celebrate in the street and shared sweets when the massacre was happening, which is a reoccurring event that happens at every successful terrorist undertaking. But maybe one can say that we only notice the people that are celebrating while innocent people are avoiding the scene.

 So, let’s try to analyze the general opinion of the rest of the Palestinians with some of the facts that we do have.

Let’s start with the reality that an overwhelming majority voted for Hamas 18 years ago, which is surprisingly considered to be a fair democratic election. PLO at the time was in power, and if they wanted to corrupt the votes, it would have been the PLO that would have won the majority, not Hamas. But that was 18 years ago, and we can say that minds have changed. Many Palestinians were not even born yet, and the Palestinians were not aware of how evil Hamas was. Fine!!

Here’s the fact that really matters to me: Since the massacre of October 7th, the anti-Israel protests have drastically increased. They actually became more hateful and more Anti Semitic.

But more importantly, I have not seen one So-Called “Pro-Palestinian” protest that has dissociated itself from Hamas. I have not seen one poster that says that Hamas is not Palestinian. To be frank, in the past 20 years that I have been an activist, I have seen a lot of Anti Israel Hate protests. I have seen many with Nazi signs and many that clearly state that Jews are the enemy and want them dead (not Israelis but Jews), but I have never seen one poster that says hey, let’s make a 2 state solution.  It was always a clear unconditional hate demanding everything from the river to the sea where Palestine would be free. It is very hard to misinterpret that chant, and finally, more people are starting to see that it is a clearly promoting genocidal against the Jews. Do you know what poster or chant I never see or hear? “Hamas is not Palestine.” So, while I constantly hear these phrases from white people, I never heard the phrase, “Hamas is not Palestine,” from even one Palestinian or So-called Palestinian Arab protestor. The fact that these protests are done all over the Western world is key to this analysis. Yyou can say that they might not be so honest about their opinion because their life could be in danger. 

But in Canada, the US, or Europe, Danger from corrupt dictators is no longer a valid excuse.

Yet somehow, you can’t even find one Anti anti-Israel protestor who officially Condemns the crimes of Hamas. That silence speaks louder than any speech. 

If they cared so much for the Palestinians, they would have been happy to push on Hamas to surrender and provide the hostages. Maybe then Hamas would truly feel the pressure, but maybe the majority all agree with Hamas. 

You can watch many of Corey Gil Shuster’s Ask Project videos on YouTube: 


Enjoy many many videos of Palestinians, don’t even wanting to give us 1947 borders or share with us the country at all.

So, are the Majority of Palestinians against Hamas? Maybe. Just like the mother who wanted to join her son in killing Jews, there is a fair assumption that many Palestinians share her view. Maybe some Palestinians don’t like Hamas because they get oppressed by the organization, and they hate the fact that Hamas continuously brings wars to them and uses them as human shields. Maybe many of them are not into that raping and decapitating. But do they mind when Jews get killed? All signs are directed to the reality that most Palestinians want Jews dead.

So, while there is no question that there are Palestinians who truly are looking for a peaceful 2 state solution, it does feel that the majority of Palestinians are complicit at least partially in Hamas crimes.

Now, to be fair, when you are brainwashed from a young age and are indoctrinated as a child soldier by Hamas with UNRWA money, and If you live in a society where if you disagree with your leadership, you can get heavily punished, it is often tough to get out of this vicious circle of hate. So, while I very much believe that the Palestinian population is somewhat part of the problem, I, interestingly enough, believe that they are also the victims of their leadership and UNRWA, which funds this never-ending cycle of hate.


The ask project always provides great insight, but here he takes it to the next level and asks if we give them pretty much everything they ever imagined: a one-state Palestinian state, would they be able to live with the Jews. The answer from the Majority is no.





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