Are the Settlements Preventing Peace?

  • 1 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 22, 2022

Israel has dismantled settlements in Gaza, and it changed nothing. We removed ourselves from Sinai and gave it to Egypt. We have a track record of making sacrifices for peace. All we need is for someone to say yes.

The discussion of settlement

To understand this question, you must first understand that Jews have an indigenous right to call a small piece of land their own. If not, you must go back to Fundamentals.

We also agree that Palestinians matter very much, and we need desperately to find a solution for them, and the solution is a Two-state Solution. The only thing we disagree on is how we get there and what the obstacle is.

The true victimizers of the Palestinians are their own leadership, who oppress them and brainwash them since they were in kindergarten to hate the “Imperialist Zionists who took their land” and focus on a goal to take it all back, with a genocidal mentality. Qatar, Iran, and UNRWA, which is funded by our own tax money, invest in making sure that Palestinians stay refugees forever. Btw, UNRWA  invented the idea of multiple-generation refugees just for the Palestinians. The situation with the Palestinians is a few nudges less than the oppression of South Koreans, only if Kim Jung Un had enough marketing resources to convince the world that South Korea is at fault for its own people.

Blaming the settlements is an easy out. Israelis have proven that they can dismantle settlements as they did in Gaza, and we have already put that option on the table with Ehud Barak (agreed to dismantle 63 isolated settlements) and Ehud Olmert (agreed to dismantle several settlements and gave up land in trade to annex a few ones). If you want a real solution for peace, you need to remove all the outside obstacles that prevent Palestinians from removing their own very evil, very corrupt leadership and potentially electing a leader that would pursue peace. We must stop empowering leadership that uses their own people’s suffering as a marketing strategy. Removing settlements without negotiations will change nothing, and it is simply a scapegoat issue to distract the concerned from what’s really happening. If the Palestinian would be ready for peace, Israel will figure out what to do with the settlements.

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