Aren’t the Ashkenazi Actually Jews or Simple Decendent of Khazarians?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

30 known mainstream scientists joined in an effort to study on the genome relation of Khazar origin for Ashkenazi Jews, including 2 from Stanford, and the clear conclusion was that there was no relation.

Yiddish, the Ashkenazi special language, has no Turkish/Khazar background, grammar or word whatsoever.

Not even a single synagogue or Mikve (a pool for ritual immersion) was found in the old kingdom of Khazaria. It is complete fraud promoted by the haters. I can’t believe that Noam Chomsky believes this nonsense.

One of the biggest frauds to dissociate Ashkenazi Jews from Israel is the Myth that Ashkenazi Jews came from Jewish Mass Conversion in Khazar. So we got down and dirty and learned a bit about the ancient people of Khazar.

Ok, so here’s the basics. Khazaria was a Khaganate (Ruled by a khan, like Genghis Khan. No, not Shao Khan or Chaka Khan ) in Asia and Southern East Europe, which existed in 650–969 Common Era where today is southern Russia, southern Ukraine, Crimea, and Kazakhstan.

While we don’t have a specific date for the emergence of the Ashkenazi Jew, the first Jewish settlements in Southern Europe (like Rome and Greece) appeared around the Third Century before the Common Era. Of course, there’s little, if any, evidence the Ashkenazi Jews emerged in Germany before the Collapse of the Roman Empire period, but it’s safe to assume some of the Jews who lived in Europe decided to live in Germany after the Roman Empire collapsed.

Why would suddenly Jews from Khazaria leave Khazaria to live in Germany if Jews in  Rome and Greece would do it in a much more safer and doable way? I mean, it’s closer. Germany is literally part of Western Europe, and Khazaria is (at least in part) in Asia.

Why? Why would Khazar Jews immigrate to Western Europe? That makes no sense. They could move to Ukraine. Russia. Mongolia. China. Kazakhstan. Persia. Turkey. I don’t know, to every country which is closer to them than Germany?

So let’s tackle evidence, shall we? First, the DNA data. Are the Ashkenazi Jews related to Khazars by DNA? 30 known mainstream scientists have worked on the genome relation of Khazar origin for Ashkenazi Jews, including 2 from Stanford, and the clear conclusion was that there was no relation.

Even a study with the intention to prove otherwise by Doron Behar. Where he thought there was some Ashkenazi gene in Levites, which could lead to Khazar ancestry, ended up leading to Persian and Kurdish ethnic groups. Sorry, Anti Semites.

Just that we can cover all corners of an

There was a scientist called Eran Elhaik who claimed he found the link between Ashkenazi Jews and Khazars. But wait…

Instead of relying on actual data for fossils and bones of the Khazars, that guy just assumed Armenians and Azerbaijani Jews would be enough to replace actual Khazarian DNA. He also used Bedouin and Jordanian Hashemite DNA to replace actual Ancient Israelites’ DNA. It’s even funny how much the Anti-Semites work to try to disprove the link between the Jewish people and their homeland.

What about the Yiddish grammar? If Khazars at least influenced the Ashkenazi culture somehow (and therefore, hinting at a link between them), the Yiddish language should have at least a few sentences, syntaxes or grammar rules similar to Oghuric, Old Turkic or Alanian.

But all the studies done to find any link between the languages used by Khazaria Kingdom and Yiddish concluded that “all methods of historical linguistics concur that Yiddish is a Germanic language, with no reliable evidence for Slavic, Iranian, or Turkic substrata.” You can check more information on the matter in the study:  “Pitfalls of the Geographic Population Structure (GPS) Approach Applied to Human Genetic History: A Case Study of Ashkenazi Jews”.

Ok, so no DNA link between Khazars and Ashkenazis, they share no linguistic relation, and also, they lived in two very different locations. It’s like the Anti-Semites suggested a hidden link between the Japanese and Aztec Civilizations. No relation whatsoever.

Then, let’s check archeological evidence. To presume the Khazars converted massively to Judaism, they would need a few things to make a Kehillah (a Jewish congregation.)

  1. A synagogue;
  2. A mikvah, a pool for ritual immersion;
  3. A shochet, a butcher to ritual slaughter kosher animals.

Of course, a Kehillah needs more, but this is the bare minimum. Not a single synagogue or mikvah was found. Also, they did not find a shochet knife. But they did find a coin, which was inscribed “Moses was the Messenger of God”.

And the inscription was in Arabic, which means it was there to provoke the Muslims, probably because the Khazars fought another group that was under the Islamic Caliphate. Otherwise, it would be written in Hebrew!

But how did that happen? Why did a Mythic Jewish Conversion of Khazaria become so entangled in modern politics? Maybe some Khan of Khazaria became a Jew? Is Shao Khan kosher?

Okay, I’ll stop the Mortal Kombat jokes. I swear.

In the 18th Century, some scholars hypothesized a link between Ashkenazi Jews and Khazars. It was in the context of the foundation of the Russian state. Rabbi Isaac Baer Levinsohn thought it would be a good idea to tell the Russians that the Ashkenazi Jews earlier spoke Russian before they developed Yiddish.

Why would he do that? Because the Russians saw their Ashkenazi neighbors as a foreigner threat. At that time, every European country saw us as Israelites, foreigners, not national citizens. So he thought that by linking the Ashkenazim with the Khazar (remember that Khazaria was in southern Russia) would make a sound claim to make the Russians not expel the Jews. It also would count as an argument for the Haskalah, the Jewish Emancipation (which means no more ghettos and Jewish getting citizenship and rights).

Despite the fact that the Khazars have nothing to do with Jews, the Anti-Zionists wants to bring them from the dead to accuse us of being from Khazaria.  If if smells like an old fishy Jewish conspiracy theory because it is.

They want to insinuate that the Khazars Jews were alive this whole time after the end of the Khazaria for the sole purpose of stealing land from the Arab Palestinians. They will never say that blatantly because it’s ridiculous from many angles and perspectives.

Why the hell the so allegedly Ashkenazi/Khazar Jews would like to settle in the Levant? Why would they give their lives for this? Wouldn’t some try to settle in the old area of Khazaria?

The more you know about the Khazars, the more you know Shao Kahn wasn’t eating bagels or had a Yiddish Mame. So let’s move on from these cringe antisemite scam to the next cringe antisemite scam.

Ashkenazi Jews and Khazar Theory | Unpacked


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