Are Jews White?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

Absolufucking not.

And, just to be clear, it’s not only the non-Jews’ fault for assuming that. Jews, especially Ashkenazis, are so busy trying to integrate that we often this reality ourselves. Jews are defined as Ethno Religion, and, as much as I love my religion, the religion part is so secondary. If you pay attention to the community, you will notice that you can be an ethnic Jew without connecting to the religion, but you cannot be a religious Jews without connecting to the ethnicity. Just like Hinduism is a religion that is associated with the Indian people, Judaism is the religion that is associated with the Judeans.

When you claim to be Jewish, you claim to be culturally, religiously or blood descended from Judah, the southern Kingdom, and one of 12 Tribes of Israel.

Which by definition is an ethnicity. We are practically a race, but with respect to converts and descended from other tribes of Israel, we stick with ethnicity. But it is not unreasonable to claim someone is a racist if they hate Jews, considering that’s what the Holocaust was all about.

Keep in mind that Arabs also come in different colors, from African blacks to blondes, and no one questions their racial and ethnic connection.

And if someone is trying to point out that Ashkenazi Jews clearly have white skin, you can answer, “I didn’t realize that most Asian people have brown skin.” If the person insists on being stubborn and saying that yes Chinese people have clear physical differences, you point out that so many Native Americans and Latinos are white-passing, and there are plenty of blonde Middle Easterns and no one would ever dare call these ethnicities white. And as usual, with the theme of this website, we say no to double standards.

Are Jews White?


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