Does Commemorating the Holocaust and Fighting Nazis Prevent you From Being Anti-Semite?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • December 27, 2022

Sometimes Criticizing Nazis or contributing to holocaust remembrance makes people feel like they are allies. While it is very nice and appreciated, what the Jewish community need the most, is not remembering seven million Jews that have died, but helping to prevent another seven million Jews from dying. It does not help much when you only care about Jews when they are dead and potentially questions your priorities.

The holocaust and how the Jews survived and thrived after it is genuinely the 20th-century Jewish story. For me, like many other Jews, the holocaust defines who we are and what we came to be. All of my four of my grandparents are survivors, and half of my family died in the war. This includes my Dad’s 2 elder siblings, who died during a death march, while his older brother, my uncle Micha was in the tummy, which technically makes him a survivor also, at least his embryo. So, in other words, very few topics for me are as sacred. But when it comes to Israel, the discussion of the Holocaust, as important as it is, can come as double edge sword. While I believe Israel would have existed without the holocaust, there is no question that Jews being victims of European genocide did open the door wider, and it has encouraged more jews to walk through the door. Yet the argument that the only reason why the Jews deserved Israel is because of the holocaust is blasphemy. That somehow, we leveraged the holocaust to win support for the country.

While there is a possibility that the UN has voted for us because they felt bad about the holocaust, I need to be clear that we didn’t actually receive this small piece of land because of the Holocaust but because we are actually the indigenous people of the region. and to be clear we were only offered a small portion, or so there was plenty room for any other nation that claims to be indigenous. I think this is a relatively straightforward concept.

What’s less straightforward and incredibly frustrating is when clearly hateful people like to claim that they are not Anti Semites because they advocate for the remembrance of the Holocaust. This argument is so destructive. In their mind, they can visit a holocaust museum and suddenly act as if they care about the Jewish people. One of the most ridiculous events is the UN holocaust remembrance day, where one of the biggest Anti-Semitic/Anti Israel organizations in the world commemorates the holocaust, and somehow it absolves them from the fact that they have more motions against Israel at any year than the entire world combined. I’m continuously encountered by people who defend against the claim of being Anti Semites by saying. “Don’t give me this bullshit about being Anti Semitic; I have been dedicating a lot of my energy to fighting Nazis and commemorating the holocaust.” And here is what I would respond.“Congratulations, you dedicate your time to defending the memory of 7000000 dead Jews, but when it comes to protecting 7 million living Jews from another Genocide that you are not really into, interesting.”

These days that many extreme-left Anti Semites see Neo Nazis as their Natural enemies.  There is this extreme left-leaning organization called Antifa, which, as you can gather from their name, are Anti-fascist and focus on hurting Neo-Nazis. Unfortunately, many of their members are famous for their Anti-Semitic actions. While I always preach that Anti Israel sentiment is Anti Semitic, I’m referring to clear Anti Semitism, including thugs abusing Jews on campus. For example, Jamal Oscar Williams, an Antifa activist, has been arrested for threatening to kill and hurt two Jewish men in Seattle.

So yes, it is possible to hate the Nazis and kind of be one yourself.

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