Could Jews Be Anti Semites?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSEEEE, Karl Marx was a famous Anti-Semite, Trotsky let Jews die in pogroms, and plenty of Jewish capos did some evil shit in the concentration camps. Jewish betrayal is common, especially in Left-leaning groups, and it has been happening before Israel existed. And it often comes with a schtick.

Back in U.S.S.R., they didn’t discriminate against Jews, it was just against religion or ethnicity that would distract from the ultimate goal an all equal nation. Yet somehow it was the Jews that seemed to get the biggest wrath of that policy. These days it’s not about Jews, it’s about Human Rights, yet somehow it’s only the Jew state that gets the majority of the criticism. There is always a schtick, but we know better.

They say that they don’t hate the Jews. They say that they are doing it for the good of people. They say that Jews don’t support oppressive regimes. They say it is against our Jewish values. They say modern Israel has nothing to do with Jews.

I remember back in my university days. There was a duet of two guys, one of them was a tall Arab who preached such crazy nonsense that often he was an embarrassment to his own side. He literally screamed, “We are the real Jews” (referring to Palestinians). The funny thing, from what I understand, is that his father was actually a Syrian Diplomat, and his concern for Syrian or the Palestinians in Syria was negligible.

Then there was this short Jewish socialist kid who ran the Coop Vegan restaurant at the university. His character resulted from mistreatment in a Jewish school where he was one of the most religious kids and was clearly bullied. If you are not convinced that bullying is an issue in our society as it is, just think about all these Jews who are leading hate groups against Israel just because they were bullied.

Honestly, if you think about it, probably any hater from the Jewish community always has some kind of unhappy story that led them to this situation. Ok, but I digress. Back to the story.

So this funny duo had this schtick, where the tall Arab guy would spew some nonsense, and he would always point to his Jewish buddy to show that even a Jew agrees with his nonsense. Supposedly you can’t call him an anti-Semite because his token Jew completely agreed with him.

Well, let me call bullshit. Not only was he an Anti-semite, but so was his Jewish friend.

Jews have a history of betraying their own kind. Throughout history, Jews were happy to give up their culture and ethnicity in the name of integration, often completely obliterating their own people. In the last two centuries, with the new socialist philosophy, self-hating was even more prominent in left-leaning circles. Don’t believe me?

Well, in the previous century, if you have to think about the two most famous lefty Jews, who would you name?

Well, the first one is easily recognized as the man who brought Socialism to the Mainstream. Karl Marx was known to be a notorious antisemite. Here’s some fun quotes:

  • “What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest.”
  • “What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering.”
  • “What is his worldly God? Money.”

It’s funny that when you read or talk with a Lefty academic guy type, they still find a way to interpret his words more gently:

“Marx was not an Antisemite, he loved his mother, and he had Jewish friends. He simply did not see room for a separate ethnicity.”

How nice, he was an equal-opportunity hater. Just that you understand, Lefties have been playing this bullshit for years. Back then, Marx, this notorious Antisemite, was not criticizing Jews. He was just criticizing their religion and ethnicity (at least, he admitted that it was an ethnicity). Today the same type of haters are pulling the same schtick claiming that they are not Antisemites. They are simply criticizing the only Jewish state, no biggie diggie.

The second Jew was a bit less known but an incredibly popular figure within the political science and historical crowd. He was Leon Trotsky. During a horrible time in history for Jews in USSR (then again, I’m not sure if there was ever such a good time for Jews in USSR), during a civil war, new waves of aggressive pogroms have resurfaced. The chief Rabbi at the time came to Trotsky and asked him, as a fellow Jew, to send the Red Army to protect the Jews. Trotsky made it clear “that he is a Bolshevik (or some would say Bullshitvik) and not a Jew. he had no idea why the Rabbi came to him.”

Why did the Rabbi come to him? Are you kidding me?! For the love of everything holy, your name is Leon Trotsky. Your best attempt at changing your name from Lev Bronstein was Leon. Not Igor Fyodorovych, Leon fucking Trotsky. It’s like changing your last name from Cohen to Rubensteinmanovitz. I have no idea what the man was thinking. That man was clearly a Jew, but a self-hating one. And Yes, I do interchange the terms Anti Semite Jew with Self-hating Jew.

And the Jewish lefties continued on the path for the entire century and even brought this poison to Israel. Of course, they should be applauded; they are no longer denying their Judaism. They are proud to use their identity as a marketing tool against other Jews, claiming that they are just against Israel, or, even better, against the government of Israel. History is calling them on their BS.

So could Jews be Antisemites? You bet your ass off.


Can Jews Be Antisemitic? | Antisemitism, Explained | Unpacked



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