How is Being Pro Israel is Being Progressive?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

The better question is what’s not progressive. Being Pro Israel is fighting for the indigenous people of the region. It is also fighting against an oppressive totalitarian Palestinian leadership that is known to oppress their own people and remove any human rights, kill and torture members of the LGBTQ+ and groom child soldiers. If that’s not progressive, I’m not sure what is.

I pride myself on being progressive. I like to think that I check all the boxes from the environmental perspective, being a feminist, supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and caring for international human rights issues. Yet when it comes to being an unapologetic Zionist, I no longer am welcome in the club.

I have several Zionists Jews from the left who insist that I change my Facebook group name, which is “Progressive Zionists” because they don’t see how it fits my unapologetic tone, and yes! these are Zionists Jews, not some haters.

The reason why Zionism is losing the so-called Progressives or lefties is because the  Arab leadership realized in the 60s that it would be hard to beat Israel in a physical altercation. So with the help of the KGB, they started marketing the Palestinians suffering to the left. This was not an easy sell because you needed to turn an entire indigenous oppressed Jewish population into colonizers and completely remove any blame from the Arab leadership towards their own people. Yet as we learn in the Psychology of Activism, if you repeat an idea often enough, any idea can be absorbed and accepted. This is how we got to the PR crisis we are in today. For many people, being progressive illogically means being Anti Israel or heavily apologetic. Unfortunately, many people that followed progressive ideology in the past gave up and moved more and more to the right.

I say fuck that!! I refuse to give up my progressive identity just because a bunch of bigots decided to define it according to their narrative. I will not let anyone bully me out of trying to make the world a better place; if anything, I question whether the people claiming to be progressive are actually progressive. I mean, these people scapegoat the only Jewish nation while ignoring any other human rights crime in the rest of the world, not to mention the crimes against the Palestinians by their own leadership and neighboring countries. They ask me to stop being a progressive, no fucking way. It is these pseudo fake ass Progressives that need to be exposed and leave. Maybe then we could actually have some real PROGRESS in the middle east. Your sorry asses bigots had your last day because the Progressive Zionists are taking over.

And back to the question, what makes me a progressive? Putting aside the support for the LGBTQ+ community, pursuing a vegetarian life, and empowering my daughters to be bosses! I’m also fighting for the right of indigenous people to defend themselves from another genocidal attempt (from the river to sea). With a continuous presence for 3300 years, 1300 of that being the majority population, it is fair to say Jews are indigenous. Yes, the Jews are very much indigenous to this region,you call Israel, Judah, or Palestine. Everywhere else in the world, I would have been applauded by the progressive community for fighting for the aboriginals. So continuing with the natural theme of this site, I refuse the double standards.

What else makes me progressive? I care about the Palestinians, not about this evil suicidal revolution that will get both Jews and Arabs killed. I mean fighting for the oppression of the Palestinians by their brutal regime, creating a country for them, and truly forming an identity. Certainly not tolerate using Palestinians’ suffering as a marketing tool, using hospitals and schools as bomb storage and launch pads. Certainly, not letting schools be a training ground for child soldiers that these fake ass so-called progressives ignore and sometimes even promote.

So that’s what makes me a progressive. And you, my friendly neighborhood Anti zionist, a regressive.

Sorry for the rant, guys. I usually tend to keep things clear and short, but this one is personal, and I hope my point is driven clearly

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