Is the Palestinian Loss of Land Map Accurate?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • December 27, 2022


One of the greatest piece of propaganda our Anti-Israel hateful friends like to present is four or five maps in a row showing how Palestine was slowly being devoured by Israel like some kind of infection.

It is such a powerful piece of propaganda that requires some experience to debunk, especially when you are under time pressure to influence someone before they lose patience. Here’s how you debunk this.

First, ask anyone that shows you the map to clarify what does this map means to him if they didn’t define it already. If he/she answers, it’s the maps of Palestine from 1947 till today. Well, you make it clear that in 1947 the land was not Palestine, it was British, and before that, it was the Ottoman. If they mean the British mandate of Palestine, then they omitted about 80% of the region that includes today’s Jordan.

If they refer to the people, the region was populated by Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews, and the Palestinian Jews simply decided to call their region Israel. This is no different than the Indian Muslims who decided to call their region Pakistan. You can clearly see that the Palestinian Pound currency has both Arabic and Hebrew, catering to both populations.

Then you challenge the person. Do you feel that Pakistanis or Bangladeshis don’t belong in their regions? Do you think that Pakistanis would appreciate it if Indians would make a map showing how Pakistanis devoured some of the Indian lands? This is how ridiculous this Map is. The first map of 1947 represents a fair distribution of the land between Arabs and Jews, where the Arabs refused the plan and decided to initiate a war. Again I repeat, the part in white was the region given to the Palestinian Jews who decided to change the name to Israel. This was not some mysterious takeover of Palestine. It was the area reasonably allocated to the Palestinian Jews, who had the right to call whatever they wanted. And if not for the continuous revolts, massacres, and immigration blocks against them in the region, they might not have had a need for this separation.
The 1967 map is a complete lie. The green areas belonged to Egypt and Jordan, where Israel took and gave part of it to the Palestinian refugee. The Palestinians never seemed to complain about who owned the area until Israel took over that region.

The last 2010 is an accurate map but based on the transition, it tries to show how much of the Palestinian region shrank. What it really shows is the only land that the Palestinians actually had in the first palace. The only Period that they had authority and autonomy. Something that was given to them by Israel even though they kept on declaring genocide against the Jews (from the river to the sea).

You can see all this in a far more honest map.

If the response to the original question was not whether the map represents Palestine but a representation of Jews compared to Muslims (Arab Palestinians), you can make it clear that the population of Jews at the time was 650k and Arabs were 1.18k, this picture hardly represents the distribution population. Did I mention that about 110k of those Muslims were Bedouin, and there were Druze, who hardly represent the standard Palestinians? If the person challenges that the 1.18 Arabs compared to 650K Jews is not proportional, you can point out that mandate Palestine actually included Jordan, and what is Israel today is only 20% of that region, So the land-to-Arab population ratio is very much proportional.

You absolutely need to make it clear that at the end of the day, Israel has given the Arabs many opportunities to take their land back for peace while the other side was simply contemplating genocide.

Palestinian Loss of Land: The Myth of the 4 Maps


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