Mohammad Tawhidi, Why Fighting for Israel is Also Fighting For the Palestinians?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

Right now, the Palestinians are being oppressed by their own leadership and any involved third parties that are keeping them down. They are being brainwashed from a young age and groomed as child soldiers. If they have any complaints, they are being pointed in the direction of the Jews. To help them, the focus should be on removing their own oppressive regime and get them moving forward toward a 2 state peace talk.

In the past year or so, I have noticed an Australian Imam named Mohammad Tawhidi advocating for Israel’s rights. Let me tell you, this is not some reform-looking Imam from California. This guy wears the full garb and was ordained by the top religious leaders in Iran. He is the real deal, yet the words that come out of his mouth oppose the Palestinian leadership and continuously promote Israel. It is, without a doubt, quite the unusual scene. But then this brings me to this question: what makes an Imam decide that he is going to lose the support of all his mentors, be called a traitor by most of his peers, and pretty much put his life in danger just for the sake of supporting Jews?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will take all the love we can get, but it’s hard to understand why this sacrifice. So I decided to go on his Facebook page just to investigate a little more, and then I had my answer. While I don’t want to take away from Mohammad just being an incredible man who knows between right and wrong, but I see another motivation. He is fighting for his Muslim brother to stop being stuck in the vicious cycle of hate. He understands that the biggest victims of the Israel-Palestinian conflict are the Muslims, especially the Palestinians. When he fights for Israel, he is really fighting for his own people. This is the most important message for anyone that is against Israel: that being against Israel is actually being against the Palestinians.

Look, the Palestinians are the only population that has a dedicated refugee organization (UNRWA) that uniquely keeps refugees for multiple generations with no particular goal of having them absorbed and hopefully solving their problem. A luxury that most refugees do not get with the other organization that is dedicated to the rest of the world and has half the employees (UNHRC).

The Palestinian children are being indoctrinated that all their problems are caused by the Jewish People and the State of Israel a few miles to the west. For the rest of their lives, they leave and work in an environment without open dialogue, unless it’s related to hating Jews and Israel.

The reality is that their leadership is an oppressive totalitarian regime that is not particularly concerned with the Palestinian people. Actually, the Palestinian leaderships, like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are the only group that uses their own people’s suffering as a marketing tool. They shoot and store weapons in hospitals and schools and encourage their population to go into the front line, so they can promote the death count.

The reality is that the only real way to support the Palestinians is to criticize the real parties that oppress them and encourage them to make peace with Israel.

Mohammad Tawhidi gets it, and time for the rest of the world to do the same if we truly want to help the Palestinians.

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