Palestinians cannot be Anti Semites Because They Are Semites Themselves?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

While Arabs are technically Semites, the Term Anti Semitism, was invented as a response to the Condescending use of the term Semite by Pseudo scholar Joseph Ernest Renan. Jews use the term to take back control of the term, like the black community take on the n-word. It has nothing to do with Arab or Palestinian history.

It’s always so strange when I debate with someone and call some of their Anti-Semitic action, and they suddenly bring up that Palestinian are also Semites, so they can’t be anti-Semitic. First of all, call him/her on this bullshit technicality. Make fun of the person by saying,” what, you ran out of legitimate arguments, so you need to find this crazy technicality.” You know I was referring to Anti-Jewish, but fine if I need to spell this out for you are being AAAAANNNNNTTTTTIIII JEEEEEWWWWWISSSSHHH (say it really slowly affect).

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Also, the concept that “Semites”, whether Jews or not, cannot be self-hating, is complete nonsense and is debunked in another article.

But there is something also to say about the term Anti Semitism, and for that matter, the term Semite and how it exclusively connects to the Jewish narrative. The term comes from the word Shem, the older son of Noah. Based on the mythology, the three sons represented the different races across the world. Ham was the forefather of the dark‑skinned peoples of Africa, Shem was the forefather of the Hebrews and related descendants, and Japheth the Aryans.

The term “Semite” was reinvented by Pseudo scholar Joseph Ernest Renan who himself was a famous anti-Semite and one of the biggest promoters of Khazar’s theory. It was a term created to undermine Jews (and only the Jews) as merely “Semites” in contrast to the “superior” Aryans/Europeans descendants of Japheth.

In response to the condescending use of the term “Semites”, Jewish bibliographer Moritz Steinschneider invented the Term Anti-Semites to criticize Renan and then helped Jews take ownership of the word. Very similar to how Gay activists took back the term Queer and black activists’ own the N-word the Jews own Anti-semitism.

So are Arabs “Semites”? Biblically speaking… Sure, why not? They can claim to be descended from the same region, and if you follow that myth, they are also descended from Shem. But could they be victims of Anti-Semitism? Not really. That’s what we call cultural appropriation.

Also, I have no idea why anyone would want to call themselves Semite out of the context of history. The only time the term was used in a non-condescending manner is when they refer to languages. Then again, it is common practice to have Jewish history claimed as Palestinian.

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