So is This Conflict Even Rational?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

No, there is nothing particularly rational about this conflict. The real perpetrators who are committing war crimes against the Palestinians are being ignored, while Israel is being blamed for everything.

For all who don’t know, North Korea is recognized as one of the most brutal regimes in the world. The leader Kim Jong-un puts police to control every move and makes sure no one ever comes in or out without the government’s permission. It’s some pretty bad shit. And to maintain this regime stable, he needs to keep on feeding his population a huge dose of propaganda.

To the outside world, his propaganda is somewhat deranged and sometimes even borderline amusing, but to the people of North Korea, it’s a full-time reality. They hear it day in and day out, and everyone is too afraid to oppose these ideas. The propaganda is so successful, because people are being fed propaganda from a young age, and they created an environment where any colleague can spy on you.

But, if tomorrow Kim Jong-un goes to China, which is a strong ally of theirs, and tells them:

“I need you to start funding my propaganda because I’m not just going to sell the concept that I’m the greatest leader alive to my people, but I’m also going to blame all my problems on imperialist capitalist evil South Korea and cater the message to Left-leaning people.”

This would be laughable at first, but after 50 years of just repeating, repeating, repeating that joke might not be so funny and, from unfunny, people may start to take it seriously. It happened with Flat Earth, after all.

And if you do it from a young age in schools and gatherings, the North Koreans who are upset with the way they are living, will eventually believe that it is the South Koreans that are causing all this suffering.

And if South Korea would not be so oppressive to North Korea, North Korea could thrive and be a successful, happy country.

How dare you, South Korea? How dare you!

This hypothetical scenario could make a great historical fiction book, and the idea that South Korea is to blame for North Korea’s problem might sound so far-fetched.

Yet, in reality, that Scenario is not so hypothetical, but it is truly happening in Palestine.

Now to be fair, I will not say that the Palestinian Leadership has as much encapsulating control over the Palestinians as North Korean. It is very much similar in terms of the level of influence kids get from a young age and very much has the same environment where it is tough to stand up to authority. It is also similar in a way that your neighbor or even your friend can easily be the spy that could lead you to be jailed or hanged, let alone engaging in a protest against the regime.

While the Palestinian Leadership does not have the same level of control that Kim Jong-un might have, they compensate by committing the most unique and probably one of the most serious human rights crimes, and that is using their own people’s suffering for the sake of marketing.

It is so bad that bombs are being sheltered and even being used in hospitals and schools with the purpose of getting Israel to retaliate. It is so obvious yet seems to be so ignored.

This is undoubtedly one of the most irrational conflicts/wars we have ever experienced.

The terms Jerusalem, Palestine, Hebron, Bethlehem, Israel… all came from the Ancient Hebrew. With a bit of knowledge in History, we all know that Jews/Israelites/Hebrews called for the same population at different periods, lived in the region for at least 3300 years, and were a majority for 1300 of that time.

This is not some Ancient History. This is 500 years ago, when the flourishing of Kaballah happened in Safed. It was when Shulchan Aruch, the book that spells out all the traditions in Judaism, was written in Palestine. It is 1000 years ago, where both the most important rabbis of the modern era came to the land: Maimonides and Nachmanides. Maimonides came to visit and free Jewish prisoners from the hands of the Crusaders, and Nachmanides settled, and the Jews built him one of the most important synagogues of their time.

But we don’t have to have all this knowledge to understand the deep connection the Jews have to that land; most rational people get it. Most rational people can appreciate that dividing a land between two populations that don’t get along is a reasonable solution, and when one side starts an elimination war and loses, they don’t get to dictate terms but understand that some relocation would happen.

It is irrational how no one sees that Israel has offered true compromises for peace with a population that still wants to continue the same genocidal goal. It is so insanely irrational why everyone seems to be ignoring the genocidal chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” That means they want everything and nothing for the Jews.

Going back to Korea, It is also interesting that South Korea is a healthy democratic country heavily funded by the United States to protect itself from North Korea, and no one seems to make a big deal.

While it’s most certainly not the biggest or more dangerous conflict in the past 2 centuries. Actually it’s not even in the top 100. But it is without a doubt the most irrational.

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