Was Shireen Abu Akleh Get Killed in Cold Blood?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

You have to be crazy to believe that. Reporters die in wars all the time. Actually, about 2658 reporters have died in war zones since 1990. Al Jazeera has so many reporters that shit on Israel removing one will change nothing. It’s pretty appalling how the Anti-Israel Marketing Machine is willing to use any death or suffering to benefit their hateful cause.

On May 11th 2022, an al Jazeera reporter called Shireen Abu Akleh got killed in a crossfire while the IDF raided the Jenin camp in the Disputed Territories. Al Jazeera described the killing as “horrifying crime that breaches international norms” and was committed “in cold blood.”

I’m so glad that Al Jazeera is not an actual legit news organization, because this statement is insane. While Al Jazeera acts like a real organization, they are similar to many Middle Eastern institutions, actually owned by the very corrupt leaders, in this case, Qatar Royal family. This is one of the last Arab leaders that still funds and promotes Hamas to the world. They were found to funnel about 5 billion dollars to American Universities simply to promote Palestinian propaganda.

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Acting like Al Jazeera is a real media organization is not only a joke but, similar to the Russian RT, it’s a very powerful tool to influence people against your enemy.

Going back to Shireen Abu Akleh, my first instinct is to tell you that the Palestinian Authority never released the bullet to the IDF to investigate where it came from, and as usual, there is simply too much propaganda to know what really happened. But no. I will hold back my natural instincts and say chances are that an IDF soldier shot her by mistake in the middle of a dangerous raid.

But this is where it ends. Because the lack of respect the Anti-Israel Marketing Machine has for a reporter that died in her job is appalling. They will squeeze marketing juice out of anything and everything.

Shireen Abu Akleh was a reporter in a war zone. It is a dangerous job, and it is part of the job. She is not the first or the last reporter to get killed, and the idea that somehow she was targeted by an IDF soldier during an operation against terrorists is ludicrous at best.

I mean, why would the soldier shoot her, risking to expose his position? To be killed by terrorists at the following second? And they talk like Al Jazeera somehow won’t be able to produce more reporters to shit on Israel to replace her. Israel had no benefit in killing Shireen Abu Akleh.

Since 1990 2658 reporters have been killed

In the Russian Ukrainian war at least 15 reporters and media workers have died since May.

Since 1996, 12 Al Jazeera journalists have been killed in a war, yet no one seems to take any interest. And the fact that most of them died in Syria is also neglected; nobody pointed fingers at Hezbollah, Al-Assad, ISIS, Russia, or Iran.

This is pure propaganda at its best, and the fact that we are even talking about it and barely mentioning the other 2657 reporters shows how powerful the Anti-Israel Marketing machine has become.

But the worst is that they change claims about how Shireen was “killed” all the time. First they claim that Shireen was shot by an IDF sniper on the rooftop of a building.


Now they claimed that it was an IDF soldier with a MP4 from inside an armored vehicle:


And if that doesn’t stick either, only God knows what they will claim next.

And for all those Idiots that are about to pull the Whataboutism Card. My response is as usual: Double Standards. If you only target the reporter that died in the only Jewish state and ignore all the dead reporters across the world, eventually, it stops being deflection and instead becomes systematic scapegoating and discrimination.


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