Was the UN Ever our Friend?

  • 1 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

No, the only time they did something sort of right was giving to the indigenous Jews 7% of the original Mandate of Palestine, without Jerusalem and Hebron. And we still needed to beg for it, After Europe killed ⅓ of our population. They even employed a Nazi as a Secretary General and they are not sorry. This is not a friend.

If anyone knows me and who reads any of my writing would know how much I despise the UN. Not only are they a corrupt, useless organization that represents mostly dictatorships, but they are incredibly Antisemitic and Anti-Zionist (assuming you think these are two different things).

But I’m often met by people who like to challenge my hate by saying something like, “wait a minute, Sharon, you can’t completely hate the UN. They voted to recognize the country.”

A more aggressive version is, “Hey Sharon, on one hand, you continuously challenge the legitimacy of the UN, but you don’t have issues when they declared Israel an independent state.”

Well, let me tell you, I have a massive issue with even the 1947 UN. During this period, many nations, especially in the Arab world, got independence without much dispute. I’m not going to tell you that it was easy. Most of these nations needed to protest and fight for independence, but once the former occupier of the country accepted to release the country, there was not much challenge to getting recognition.

That was until Israel came along. The debate on whether a clearly indigenous population could get a state was not about getting the Mandate of Palestine, most of it was already given to the Hashemite Kingdom, who really didn’t have much to do with the region. It was not even a debate about getting the West of the river.

The debate was about getting 56% percent of post-Jordan Mandate Palestine and about 7% pre-Jordan and all of that without getting Jerusalem, a city that we have been praying to for 3000 years, and Hebron, the city where our forefathers have been buried.

After about 100 years of protest and negotiating and about a ⅓ of all Jews were murdered just a few years before, the Jews barely got offered 7% of the original plan. And it wasn’t even unanimous, we almost didn’t get it through.

Am I allowed to say, “Jesus Christ”? Oh, screw it! Jesus Christ, this is absolutely insane, and you want me to be thankful to the UN? This should have been the easiest decision anyone could have made, but the UN was so unfriendly to the Jews that even with all these circumstances, we needed to fight tooth and nail to get recognition. Sorry, UN was never a friend of ours.


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