Who are Those Crazy Rabbis Who Participate in Anti Israel Activism?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

A Pseudo-Jewish group called the Neturei Karta, the lowest life form that still thinks they are Jewish. They don’t believe you are Jewish, so you can also take their power by claiming they actually are not Jewish either. Just because they wear black coats and hats, it does not prove their Jewishness.

About 5 years back, a friend of mine, who happened to be a non-practitioner Jew, posted a video of a Rabbi explaining that most Rabbis before the creation of Israel did not agree to support Zionism.

I quickly commented that this was not a real rabbi and was part of a sect called Neturei Karta, a pseudo-Haredim known for hanging out with famous Holocaust deniers and Anti-Semites, including Arafat himself. I told him that they are an authority on Judaism as much as the KKK is known for their Christianity. I assumed he quickly Googled Neturei Karta, and removed that post because I did not see it 10 minutes later.

So who are these Pricks that call themselves Neturei Karta. You see these crazy haredim on the fence when there is a Pro-Israel rally. First, I need to make it clear these kooks do not represent Haredim or Chasids at all. They are a really small cult, descended from Hungary and Lithuania.

This group, “may a Piano fall on their head,” is so passionately anti-Zionists and Anti-Jewish for that matter, that they decided to attend the 2006 Holocaust Revisionist conference in Iran with president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who repeatedly denied the Holocaust existed.

This is a strange common occurrence that happens with extreme haters. Noam Chomsky, a famous left-leaning hater, is such a passionate Anti-Israel activist that he decided to make buddies with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Terrorist organization that is pretty much oppressing and destroying Lebanon at this moment with Iran’s funding.

Saying that, the Neturei Karta fraudulent Rabbi on the video my friend shared was not completely wrong. There were many Haredim groups that did not want to associate with Zionism. Not because they were not dreaming of one day being back in Israel, but because they did not appreciate the secular aspect of it. They used the excuse that they needed to wait for the Messiah as the explanation for why it is not Kosher to go right now.

Yet they still pray 3 times a day towards Jerusalem. They still migrated and lived in Hebron, Jerusalem, and Safed even before Zionism was a thing and they still wish at the end of Passover to be back In Israel/Jerusalem.

The reality is that since the establishment of Israel, most of the Haredim groups that were against Zionism came around and can’t deny that incredible miracle that happened in the past 7 decades. Even the most extreme Haredim group, such as Satmar, do not wish ill on other Jews. As for Satmar, I have mixed feelings about them. Their head Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, “may a Piano fall beside him and scare the living hell out of him” does promote Anti-Zionist ideology, but again, does not wish harm to other Jews.

As far as I’m concerned, Naturei Karta, are not Jewish because no Jew would wish harm for another Jew. They clearly used their Pseudo-Jewishness to claim that you can be a Jew and not associate with Israel. Clearly, they don’t understand that the definition of Jewish/Judean actually means culture, religion, and blood descended from Judah, the southern province of Israel.

I encourage you to take that power away from them. I know many people are against it, I know halachically (by religious law) anyone that is descended from a Jewish mother (or according to certain denominations, just a single parent is enough) is a Jew, but these guys crossed the line.

Plus, there are religious leaders like Rabbi Kook that completely discredits them, but I don’t want to go into a religious discussion.

Simply said, they have no discomfort claiming that most Jews are not real Jews, and you shouldn’t be afraid to claim the same for them. As far as you are concerned, these are simply people who wear black coats, no different than the Amish, just with better mustaches. As we learn in the psychology of activism section, if we say it enough, people will accept this narrative.

If you don’t believe me that these guys are the shit of the shit, how about the fact that they were hanging and embracing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Iran president that started a Holocaust cartoon contest


Oct 7th Israeli setup?


Neturei Karta won’t condemn Hamas.


Coming soon…

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