Why Most non Jews Praticly Ignore Anti Semitic Crimes?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • December 26, 2022

  1. Many think Jews are whiter than white. A privileged group of white people. (traditional Anti-Semitism).
  2. Many feel that Israeli Jews are the equivalent of white people in South Africa during the apartheid era (new Anti-Semitism).
  3. Many see attacks as the extension of the conflict, and while they might have some sympathy, they don’t feel they get a say in the issue. (New Anti-Semitism influenced).

In a world where there is such important movement to protect the rights of the LGTBQ community, fighting for integrating the Muslim community and making that black lives matter seems like the world is moving forward. That’s with one exception, the Jews. While the attack on Jews has drastically increased, it seems like the only people that really care are the Jews.

While I put a lot of effort into stating well-backed facts, I have to be clear this article is strictly my hypothesis from years of experience. I’m hoping we will get to research one day and survey people. I have spent years thinking about it and observing what’s going on in the world of Anti-Semitism, and in my opinion, there are 2 reasons why people ignore Anti-Semitism.

The first is associated more with the traditional anti-Semitism. Many people see the Jewish community as a privileged white population that happens to have a different religion. For these people, an Attack on Jews is no different than an attack on a white Protestant, Catholic, or even a casual American white Buddhist that likes to meditate in the park. By North American standards, an attack on white people is not considered to be a hate crime. And crimes against Jews simply get diluted with any of those other crimes.  Putting aside that the real haters think that Jews are whiter than white or more ethnic than ethnic (if you are a white supremacist.) Jews are the ones that hold the wealth, only care about themselves, and try to control the world. So when a jew gets attacked, it gives them a reason to celebrate.

To deal with that, we must be united in not accepting being categorized as white. I deal with that more in Aren’t Jews white.

So yes, plenty of people ignore the crimes against our ethnicity because they don’t see an ethnicity at all. They only see it as privilege.

But I’m hoping that the majority of people do not fit into that first Traditional Anti-Semitic category. I find that the majority of people that ignore the crimes against Jews are confused. This confusion comes from a heavy dose of New Anti-Semitism that is promoted by the Anti-Israel Marketing Machine.

In the last Gaza war between Israel and Hamas, Jews have experienced drastic surge in Anti Semitism. Jews were being attacked in restaurants, and groups of men driving in Jewish neighborhoods across the world were harassing people. All this in daylight with almost no fear of consequences. I have seen quite a few Jewish celebrities (some who are Anti-Zionists) asking why this is happening and questioning why they are being attacked for something happening on a completely different continent. Well, the fact that Jews claim that hate and propaganda towards them are somewhat different than the hate and propaganda towards the Jews in Israel is a real asshole move, in my humble opinion. It is also bullshit because most people with common sense know that the majority of Jews support Israel.

The Anti Israel Marketing Machine has done an incredible job framing the Jews of Israel the same as the white people living in South Africa. It doesn’t mean that every African white person is not kind and does not work well with the black population, but we all kind of sort of kind of sort of know that white people don’t exactly fit in South Africa. So while we want white South African to be well, there won’t make such a big deal if there is another uprising against them. And Israelis are not being marketed as the south African of today but the south African of the Apartheid era. Some sell us as Nazis or the Chinese against the Ugiyurs. So what the average person does not want to admit or is not consciously aware of when they see crimes against Jews, especially middle eastern related, is that they don’t know enough to get involved. They don’t know if middle eastern individuals attacking Jews are discriminating or fighting for their rights. They only know that the topic is loaded, and defending the Jews cannot be disconnected from a political view.

While many serious haters believe that the attacks are legitimate and should be increased, most people are so confused about the topic that they avoid defending or criticizing anyone. If you check the article about how people are irrational, you will learn that most people can’t make a decision about anything complicated where they let an opt-in checkbox make the decision for them. And the Anti Israel marketing machine has capitalized on making things complicated.

While we are noticing a lot of classic Anti-Semitic attacks based on this more than white privilege idea, most of the time, when the mass population is ignoring crimes against Jews is because Jews have been sold to the world as the White people of the middle east.

And no matter how progressive, innovative, and how the Israelis are a great partner for peace. None of it matters if they don’t really belong there.

That’s why the most important argument that we must focus on is that we do belong and that we are the true indigenous population of Israel. This needs to be repeated a lot because so much deprogramming needs to be done. If we want to combat this New Anti-Semitism, it can only happen if we stop separating ourselves from the Israeli Jews and start promoting the idea that we are the equivalent of the black African or the Natives in Palestine/Israel and we very much belong.

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