Why Should We Care About the Conflict?

  • 1 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

Because this conflict is the biggest scam of the 21st Century, which unfortunately prevents us from moving to bigger, more serious humanitarian issues across the world, and we should be paying attention.

Technically, you shouldn’t care. There are so many other significant conflicts that are completely ignored.

At this moment, about a fifth of Mauritiana are black slaves, while China is jailing and oppressing more than a million Uyghur. Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen are still trying to recover from a genocide, while Ukrainians are fighting for their lives.

You shouldn’t care about this conflict because it is a complete scam where the indigenous people (Jews) are being falsely blamed for colonizing and oppressing people (Palestinians) that are being used as pawns by their own regime.

But those two reasons are also why you should be paying attention. You should be paying attention because if we don’t deal with this crazy scapegoating of the Jewish, it’s nearly impossible to move to the other, more important issues.

Most of the UN refugees’ resources, efforts, and attention are driven into this conflict while leaving very little for others. The same goes for big NGOs like Amnesty, Oxfam, and Red Cross and your Western money funds all this. This should also be a big lesson on how some seriously evil regimes, can make themselves disappear or deflect attention onto other innocent nations. To be able to help the world, we should understand that evil regimes are exceptional in manipulating situations and taking advantage of human weaknesses.

As a Jew, I can’t wait for the world to get off Israel’s ass, but I also understand that the way we deal with This conflict would have a huge impact on how we are dealing with any humanitarian issue across the world. It is also the reason why we continuously fail the world’s humanitarian problems!!!

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