Would Palestine Exist if not for the Jews?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 19, 2022

Probably not, considering that the Arabs in the region considered themselves a southern province of Syria, while the surrounding Arab countries all wanted to annex that land. A reality that was prevented only because the Jews fought them off.

To start off, it’s important to note that there are no facts but well-backed assumptions, but I truly believe that Palestine would not exist. First of all, Palestine was a name given by the Romans to Judah to spite the Jews for about 2000 years. The term is very much part of Jewish History. And clearly, there wouldn’t be a Jerusalem or Hebron if not for the Jews.

But this is not what we are referring to. The big question is would the region Palestine stay a region or become part of another Arab nation if not for the Jews that lived there? If not for the negotiation with the Jews where the British promised them at least some kind of land, there would have been a perfect possibility that the British would have given King Abdullah of Jordan the entire region of Palestine.

Also, before starting a war with the Jews in 1948, King Abdullah of Jordan sent one last message to the Jewish Agency and Golda Meir on 11 May: “Why are you in such a hurry to proclaim your state? Why don’t you wait a few years? I will take over the whole country, and you will be represented in my parliament. I will treat you very well, and there will be no war”.

As you can see, Jordan’s interest in the war was not exactly about helping the Arab Palestinians or the Jewish people to establish a State but to make a bigger Hashemite Kingdom.

The people of Syria always considered Palestine as the southern region of Syria and also had every intention of annexing the region. And at least all the Palestinian leadership was in agreement with that.

In the first Palestine Arab Congres in Jerusalem in 1919, these were the resolutions:

  • “We consider Palestine nothing but part of Arab Syria, and it has never been separated from it at any stage. We are tied to it by national, religious, linguistic, moral, economic, and geographic bounds.”
  • Rejection of French claims to the area.
  • “Our district Southern Syria or Palestine should not be separated from the Independent Arab Syrian Government and be free from all foreign influence and protection”.
  • All foreign treaties referring to the area are deemed void.
  • To maintain friendly relations with Britain and the Allied powers, accepting help if it did not affect the country’s independence and Arab unity

In other words, the national identity of Arabs in Palestine was not focused on creating their own independent nation until it became an issue of opposing the Jews.

King Abdullah from Jordan was not the only one interested in taking over Palestine.

The early 20th-century Middle East could have taken a chapter from Game Of Thrones. When they left the region, they left a bunch of kings struggling to annex as much land as they could. King Faisal II of Iraq and King Farouk of Egypt also showed much interest in annexing that land. The Arabs of the region in Palestine simply had no chance if the Jews would not defeat the surrounding members of the Arab league.

So no one can tell for sure what would happen, but there is enough evidence to show that it is a far fetches idea that the Palestinian region or people would ever exist if not for the Jews.

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