Taking the Power Away

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 21, 2022


After learning a few strategies on this website, your opponents from the left would not be able to argue with and simply resort to calling you a racist and oppressor. Our natural instinct would be to defend ourselves from these terms. A more powerful tactic is to question their progressive credibility considering that it is the Zionists that defend the indigenous people of the land (Jews) and try to help the Palestinians. In contrast, they defend a regime that uses their own people’s suffering for marketing. Also, don’t use their language, and don’t let them make this conflict about Jews and this small minority called Palestinians. This is the Arab-Israel conflict.

Long Answer:

The challenge with smart influencers from the left is that they start any discussion from a place of power. Before they make any point, they put themselves at an advantage. They create a sensation of moral superiority before any debate.

So the moment someone listens to what they say, they immediately assume that it comes from a place of caring. This is a power that they have that forces you to work twice as hard to influence people against them.

One of the smartest things the Anti-Israel Propaganda Machine has done is capture the left, because the leftier you are in the discussion automatically gives you the boost of credibility in humanitarian causes.

And when you get to create an aura of leftism, you get to call the other person whatever you want.

You are automatically handicapped at the beginning of any discussion and also get slapped with it at the end. These people have the power to call you racist, colonizer, Imperialist and even sexist, surprisingly. Yeh, you heard that right, sexist.

A few months back, I was discussing how Linda Sarsour should be presented with the Anti-Semite of the Year Award. I was clearly creating an undisputable point with her association to Louis Farrakhan, her attempts to alienate the majority of the Jews, and strategically creating a divide within the Jewish population. Once I put the nail in the coffin, my opponent then decided to call me sexist because I like to put women in power down.

This superpower from this Pseudo-Feminist forced me to restart the conversation and to prove to her that Linda Sarsour has caused more damage to American Feminism than any woman in the 21st century. Consider that she destroyed the most amazing grass root women’s movement in at least three decades, the Women’s March, by being a full Anti-Semite.

That’s why being a superhero actually requires a lot of general knowledge in all things progressive, not just the Arab-Israel conflict, but I digress. That discussion was twice as tough and it happens all the time. Where a person claims to be representing the people, the weak, the oppressed… Oh, man, this is tough!

In another scenario, it is very tough these days to deny this mythological Ancient History of the Palestinians because it is always confronted with being racist.

Even tougher are those SOB Jews that never in their lives cared about anything remotely Jewish, but now they have the power of having a mother who is Jewish, and now they can talk on behalf of Jews and criticize Israel.

It’s almost as bad as the dentist on Seinfeld that converted to Judaism just so he could make Jewish jokes.

So, when you meet these people and you see that they are influencing people wrongly, you have two options:

  • you can debate them and stick on the defensive,
  • or you can go on the offensive and attack their credibility.

Yes, this is an extension of influencing on the offense.

Call them out by denying their progressiveness. Question if they even care about the Palestinians and if they are aware that they are supporting the most evil regime on the planet.

If they call them racist, you respond that they are racist against both Jews and Palestinians. Say that it doesn’t sound like they care about the Palestinians because they seem to want to keep them in refugee status forever and are very content with their own oppressive regime. Make sure that everyone in the room feels that the only one who cares about the Palestinians is you.

If they are Jewish just for the purpose of attacking Jews, question their Jewishness. Say you don’t really sound Jewish to me and get them on the defensive and call them out. Explain that Jews come from the word Judah and we mention our connection to Israel at least a thousand times every year.

And I know how controversial it is. My amazing wife, who cares so deeply about every Jew, hates when I pull that shtick. Still, any supposed Jew keen to jeopardize the lives of so many other Jews should be questioned if he or she has enough to do with this ethnicity, culture or religion.

As usual, I don’t care if the person is a Jew or not. Technicality should really stop mattering to you at this moment. As a superhero influencer, you must take that power of being self righteous away from them. Change the Dynamics by putting yourself in a more progressive status than they are.  Being on the offensive means winning the argument before the argument even starts. Meaning that you have the ace at the beginning or the end of the conversation to ask if the person really cares and if they are aware of whose side they are on.

Now in relation to the Arab-Israeli Conflict. You must insist that this is an Arab-Israel conflict, even a Middle Eastern conflict, and not just a Palestinian-Israel conflict. This conflict started because the Arabs did not want to share any land with other Indigenous people.

It is the Arabic Hashemites that took 80% of the Mandate of Palestine and made sure with the help of the rest of the surrounding Arabs that Palestinians will stay homeless refugees, like a bull in a rodeo that is continuously pulled by his balls to stay angry. When you make it a Palestinian-Israel issue, you give the power to the haters because now they can behave like an oppressed minority instead of part of a massive regime of not-so-flexible dictatorships with tons of oil money to influence.

When you use the words, Occupation and Apartheid, you give them the power. Unless you use the term apartheid against their regime. We need our own lexicon which we provide on the site. Fighting the battle starts with the perception of who is the oppressed minority, and who is the evil oppressor. Unfortunately, it’s not even a question of logic, you just need to win the perception war, and that’s why it is so important to cut off the perception before we sink deep into a more detailed conversation.

Now just going back to the discussion that I had about Linda Sarsour. Anyone that listened to the conversation saw a progressive feminist arguing with someone who was criticizing a woman. Thus, anything that I said after or before that did not matter. To truly turn the topic on its head, I had to take that power from her.

What I did is get on the offense, and I questioned if she was a feminist at all. I mean, she should be embarrassed that she was defending the woman that destroyed the Women’s March, and then I doubled down by challenging whether she was progressive.

This ladies and gentlemen got her more defensive than calling her an Antisemite or racist. I  took her power away by making her look like the bad person.

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