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Okay. So as you’ve seen, I summarized the major component of the conflict in two minutes. If you deliver this pitch well, you’ll be able to convince most people. At least the people that do not come with preconceived notions of this evil Israel and its Imperialist colonizing population. But many people would be interested in more details. And that’s why I created five and the 15 minutes version of the speech. In reality, the first five minutes are the most important, and if the listener has time and patience, you get to complete the entire spiel.

So as we discuss in the previous article where we cover that there is 5 Components to Change People’s Minds: The indigenous connection and defining the conflict, which covers the first five minutes. After that, I explain how we care for the Palestinians, how everything is influenced by marketing, and the effect on the entire world, which ads another 10 minutes. Of course, you don’t have to say all this in one speech. There’s going to be a conversation, and there’s going to be lots of questions. At least, I hope there would be because that’s a lot of data to give people in one shot. Here’s the five and 15 minutes pitch. Let’s go!

Their indigenous connection

Now, before I explain the conflict, I would like to take a step back and define a very confusing concept, which is where the name Palestine came from. The name Palestine was actually given by the Romans 2000 years ago to Judah, the Southern Kingdom of Israel.  

It was because the Jewish rebellion led by Bar Kochva held back the entire empire for 3 years, and this was after 2 other big revolts within less than 100 years. The Romans were pissed off and decided they wanted to erase the Jewish identity. So they named the region Syria-Palaestina after an ancient biblical enemy called the Philistines. If you ever heard of David and Goliath, Goliath was a Philistine. Just to be clear, the Philistines were a Greek-descended population that were extinct by the Babylonians in the 6th Century BCE. At their prime, Philistia was located in the southwestern part of the region, which consisted of Gaza and 4 more cities. A land far smaller than the disputed territories today.

Once the Romans decided to change the name of Judah to Syria Palestina, that did not stop Jews from living there, we were still the majority until 400 ACE. And for the rest of those 2000 years, Jews always kept a presence there. They always wanted to return to that region and made several attempts before Zionism. So Jews are very much indigenous to the region and connected to this country. Not just from 2000 years ago, not just from history, but from today. Now that you understand that Palestine is very much a Jewish concept from Jewish history, we can move on to the conflict itself.

Defining the conflict

Now, how do you define a conflict? The way I define a conflict is by two major points.

The first one is who started the conflict or war. The second one is who prevents the war from ending. There’s also an optional third extension to the second point: whether the war was treated ethically, which could prevent the war from ending. So let’s go to the first component. Who started the war?  

And now we are back to history again. You have a British Mandate of Palestine in the early 19th Century, and you have two major ethnic groups in that region. The Arab Palestinians and the Jewish Palestinians. 80% of that region was given to the Arabs, who decided to rename Jordan after the local river. Strangely, they didn’t stick with the name Palestine. It seems like it was not that important at the time. After that, those 2 ethnicities were not getting along. There were many massacres against the Jews, including the famous massacre of Hebron, where 77 Jews died.  It was also the first time in 3300 that all the Jews were pushed out of that city.

The Leader of the Arabs, the Grand Mufti, Amin Al-Husayni, was actually collaborating with Hitler to get rid of the Jews. Don’t believe me? Just google “Grand Mufti and Hitler” and see them hang out like old buddies. So it’s fair to say that the 2 ethnicities, at least on the leadership level, were not getting along. The British colonizers at the time who took the region from the Turks released the last 20% to the united nation. The United Nation proposed to divide the region equally around where both ethnicities were concentrated. In this division, the Jews did not get their 2 more important cities. Jerusalem was given as an international Mandate, and Hebron was given to the Arabs.

It was really a raw deal. The Jews had already lost 80% of the region to the Arabs, which became Jordan, and did not have access to their 2 most important cities. Yet when they offered that region, they said, “okay. This is great; let’s celebrate.” The Arabs, under the leadership of the Grand Mufti, said no and started a war with the goal of getting rid of all Jews and committing the next genocide.

So we established the Arabs, or at least Amin Al-Husseini on behalf of the Arabs, started the war.

Now, let’s get to the second part, who is preventing it from ending?

The Jews proposed 4 solutions that involved giving land in the name of peace. The 2nd to the last proposal included almost all of the disputed territories. The last one included sovereignty over neighborhoods in Jerusalem. They couldn’t ask for more.

In 2005 Ariel Sharon even made a huge decision that could have created a civil war in Israel. Sharon’s government withdrew from all Palestinian settlements in Gaza without any negotiation and a peace deal. He tried to give the Palestinians a real piece of land to build their own country, leaving behind a multimillion-dollar flower industry.  In return, they demolished the greenhouses and used the region to launch deadlier missiles at Israel.

The Arabs and the Palestinians continuously said, “no, no, no, no.” And based on many interviews with local Palestinians, it’s shown that they just really want the entire land between “the river to the sea,” as they say. They don’t think that Jews are indigenous where they were brainwashed from childhood that this entire land belongs to them. Until now, any of the proposals they were offered, they said, “no, no, we’re going to take over everything, and it doesn’t matter how long it’s going to take.” 

Now, it is also important to point out that Israel has an excellent track for peace. They have made great concessions with other Arab countries like Jordan and Egypt, and Egypt got the entire Sinai back, including the only oil source for Israel. Proving that they have a great track record for peace.

Now where it comes to the last point, whether they fought ethically. Israel does everything in their power to reduce casualties as much as possible. Israel is the only country known to shoot millions of leaflets before they bomb an area or give a warning bomb that shakes the roof before firing at a building. There has never been a nation that offers warnings to their enemy before they shoot. Israel’s ethical combat is like no other and most certainly is not a reason why the war is not ending.

The marketing

Now, the biggest question that usually comes to mind when I explain this to people is why? “Why have I heard this continuous narrative that the Jews or Israelis are this imperialist, colonizers, occupiers of these poor Palestinian refugees who all they want is their land back?” What’s going on? Even a bigger question is, “why am I even talking about the Israel-Palestine conflict?” When in China, right now, they are committing genocide against millions of Uyghurs! And nobody seems to care. Why in Mauritiana, about a fifth of the population are black slaves, and nobody’s paying attention? What is happening?

So what really is happening is that somewhere after the Six-Day War, in the sixties, the Arabs realized that they would not be able to beat the Israelis through violence. So they changed their tactic, and the tactic was marketing.

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With the help of other Arab countries and eventually, with heavy influence from Cold War Russia, they invested immensely into marketing the suffering of the Palestinians. It was a clear strategy, just repeating simple concepts including occupiers, colonizers, genocide, Imperialists, and apartheid, among others. They were doing all this while putting Palestinian lives in danger, pushing them to the front line, and enticing Israel to retaliate. This was a perfect recipe for marketing Genius.

It took them a while, but 40 years later, they got traction. Now they’re investing in universities and getting students to be more interested and more supportive of this hate dynamic while intimidating and silencing Pro Israel students.

Caring for the Palestinians and going on the offense.

But you must understand that as a pro-Israel advocate and proud Zionist, I really care about the Palestinians. Even if I don’t believe that Israel is at fault for the conflict, I think that the Palestinians are the ones who got the biggest shaft. Unfortunately, the suffering of the Palestinians is being used as a marketing tool against Israel. Their leadership is sacrificing people.  Hamas is known to store and even shoot missiles from schools, hospitals, and from incredibly dense areas so that Israel can retaliate and deliver more suffering. This brings in more marketing brownie points.

It’s important to point out that there has never been a case in history where a population has been sacrificed for the sake of marketing. This is a new concept and is more evil than anything we have seen in our lifetime (I’m hoping the listener is pretty young). And all the people that claim to be pro-Palestinian, in my book, are simply Anti Israel bigots who don’t really care about Palestinians. They care about this crazy revolution against Israel, but they don’t actually care about solving their problems, improving their economy, and most importantly, about who is really oppressing the Palestinians. Also, the Palestinians are the only ethnicity, the only population in the world that are considered refugees for multiple generations, And there are tons of refugee regions across the globe. Organizations try to get them absorbed or relocate to another region, and mostly they move on within one generation. But with Palestinians, you can live in a castle in the UK surfing in LA, and you still would be considered a refugee.

The organization that invented that policy for the Palestinians is called UNRWA, a UN refugee organization dedicated strictly to the Palestinians. Interestingly enough, this organization has twice the number of employees and four times the budget per capita, and so much more media attention compared to the other UN refugee organization that is dedicated to the rest of the world.

That’s right, I repeat it, UNHCR, the UN refugee organization for the entire world, with the exception of the Palestinians, has half the employees and gets ¼ of the budget for each refugee. If anyone is asking why nothing improves across the world, you just got your answer. It’s just insane. The fund that UNRWA provides, which BTW comes from out tax money, is used for schools that collaborate with Hamas brainwash and promote hate. The funding for infrastructure that they provide is being with with no accountability. So while it should be used for building houses it actually being used for creating terror tunnels. If you are not reading between the lines, UNRWA was not built to help Palestinians. It was built to keep Palestinians as refugees until this crazy dream of destroying Israel is achieved, and again most of it comes from our tax money. As you can imagine, this could keep the Palestinians in the same status for centuries if nothing is going to change.

Concern for the world

You know, who also doesn’t benefit from UNRWA and UN shenanigans? The world. Because so many resources are allocated to the Palestinians, so many of the other international issues are being ignored. If we would take some of these resources, money, and, more importantly, attention, we could solve the slavery problem in Mauritiana or help with the Never Ending Civil wars in Somalia, Sudan, and Myanmar. We could have potentially exposed China and its crimes against the Uyghurs. Although I do admit China is powerful, it might be too late.

Make no mistake, half of the world leaders, which are mostly totalitarian dictators, enjoy the fact that they can scapegoat Israel. Whenever there is a human rights issue across the world, they can always say, “but what about Israel.” You can see it in UN votes, where there is three times more resolutions about Israel than the entire world combined.

And unfortunately, this scapegoat of the world’s only Jewish nation is what prevents us from fixing or at least giving attention to other international problems.

A bit of a solution

So then the big question is, what do we need to end this conflict? First, start pointing the finger at the organizations that really oppress the Palestinians. Starting of course with Hamas, the most evil regime that uses their own people’s suffering for marketing. Yes, plenty of dictatorships dismiss gay rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press while killing anyone that opposes them but never procatively use their people’s suffering for marketing. Also, you can’t ignore PLO, the other Palestinian more secular leadership.

They’re slightly more moderate, yet they still oppress and steal from their own people and still encourage terrorism with their pay-for-slaying program. This is an incentive program that pays money to the families of any terrorist. Even if you don’t want to sacrifice your own life and kill Israeli lives with it, this program motivates you. We also want to point fingers at Qatar and Iran, who are the ones that fund Hamas, and sometimes call the shot. We want to expose the United Nations or specifically UNRWA, an organization dedicated to keeping Palestinians as refugees forever while taking away all the attention and resources from other more important issues across the world. This includes at least four genocides that are happening till today and at least 10 that have been ignored in the past 50 years because we were busy scapegoating Israel.

We want to start focusing on countries that are actually committing some real atrocities, like China that is committing genocide against the Uyghurs. What about hundreds of thousands of Yemenites that are dying at the hands of Saudi Arabia? Did anyone forget  Syria? That conflict is not over, and what about Sudan, Somalia, and Myanmar.

So much of the world is involved in conflicts and human rights infringements which the United Nations is not only ignoring but promoting the instigators into influential positions. By exposing all this and hitting hard at the people preventing the solution, repeating these names and ideas, we can come closer to peace and tackle other world issues. If you’re gonna keep on blaming Israel for everything, including everything they need to do in order to survive, you will not get anywhere. Israel is not the one who started the conflict and is not the one that is preventing it from ending, but there are other players who are responsible and preventing all of us from moving forward, which is where our attention should go to. I hope you will join me in this fight.

Here we go. I hope I have you enough examples of what you can say to people asking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is the big script. You can choose to take bits and pieces and have a conversation. You don’t have to take all the information, and of course, don’t overload people with data. The 30 seconds and the two minutes versions are perfect ways just to deliver this information as quickly as possible while starting conversations. This is the path to changing as many minds as possible.

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