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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 28, 2022

Why is this important?

The power of the Dark side is strong. Nearly 50 years of continuously repeating the same ideas could get people even to believe that Jesus was a Palestinian and that the Palestinians helped the Jews from the Holocaust. These days even ardent Zionists accept that Palestinians have long-term history and UN, with its refugee organizations, is a force of good. Opposing views might simply make you look like a conspiracy theorist, and no matter what rational argument you offer might simply make you look like an expert debater that knows what to say while manipulating ideas and brings them out of context. (what the Anti-Israel marketing machine is known for.)

So like the previous argument, our goal is to simply get people to listen to our case. To let their guards down without loaded misconception.

So instead of going the usual direct path and debating who is right and who is wrong, I try to answer a question that lingers for many people. They see Israel continuously in the News. They see movements like the Women’s march and black lives matter being highjacked by the Palestinian cause. They see it everywhere, and they don’t understand why? By getting to know my listeners, I found this to be an important question that many wanted know but didn’t think to ask. If you can answer this question, you might not only be able to transform many of them into fully open listeners but also satisfy their curiosity enough even before you discuss the conflict. Also, if you are able to convince people that they have been heavily influenced/brainwashed, they might be willing to accept all the ideas that might have seemed like conspiracy theories before.


After Arabs were unable to defeat Israel militarily,  they changed tactics and  committed to more than 50 years of focused propaganda. Through continuous repetition, they managed to convince us that Israel is a foreign body that is colonizing the poor indigenous Palestinians. Those 50 years have turned the haters into a marketing machine that has convinced the world that the Palestinian cause deserves more attention than some serious world-class problems.

Long Answer:

So, here’s the deal. When you inform someone of all that we’ve covered, they might simply see you as a conspiracy theorist, especially when you start getting into UN territory and UNRWA, which markets itself as the world’s savior. You might be laughed out of the room when you start claiming that these so-called “European Jews” are indigenous to the region and the Palestinians are a newly invented ethnicity. The fact that they are called Palestinians is ingrained into people’s minds that they are the original habitants of a region called Palestine, even though no such country ever existed in all of history.

It’s tough for anyone who has consumed so much media involving an “indigenous Palestinian population that is suffering at the hands of the ‘bad’ Israelis” to suddenly accept that nearly everything they’ve learned and most everything the media says is irrational or just plain wrong. So the fourth argument explains how we got here. How did this happen that the world bought the Palestinian story so hard? Even more importantly, how did this become such a high-priority issue around the world?

As the reader, please ask yourself, why, if you are not a Jew or an Arab, did you even come to this website in the first place?

Why are we sitting here, discussing a conflict with a death toll of around 14,000 Jews and Arabs in the past 40 years, while we ignore Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and China, with millions of deaths in the past 10 years?

Well, the answer is that it all comes down to marketing.


You must explain to the listener that they have been, sadly, victims of marketing by regimes that not only want to remove all Jews from the middle east but also want to use the Palestinians as a tool of war.

You should explain that after the Arabs lost the wars of 1948, 1967 and 1973, they understood that the only way to defeat Israel was not through a physical war but through a propaganda war.

The leader of the Arab refugees, Yasser Arafat, was an Egyptian-born, KGB-funded, and even rumored by some to be a KGB trained asset. Yasser Arafat understood that if he claimed that the local Arabs were the indigenous population and kept putting his people in a compromised suffering situation, they would eventually get the world’s sympathy.

The infamous Nazi chief of propaganda, Josef Goebbels used to say, “A lie told once is just a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth. the Palestinian leadership saw the power of repeating and repeating and repeating falsehoods about an Israeli occupation, Apartheid, and Neocolonialism, until people started to believe them. It’s sad, but it works.  They also understand that most people actually take a lifelong hard stand in this debate during university age, so they invest heavily in education. Just like the Nazis, the Palestinians targeted the universities, using professors to indoctrinate students. New research by ISGAP has shown that Qatar, one of Hamas’s biggest supporters, has invested about 5 billion dollars in American universities, 3 billion of which went unreported (and that’s only what they found). Schools everywhere are being penetrated with anti-Israel disinformation, including schools such as Harvard and Yale, where future leaders are bred. Today, even high schools and elementary schools are being targeted with anti-Israel propaganda. It’s a big problem.

If they don’t yet believe something fishy is going on with this entire conflict, ask them if they ever wonder why the Palestinian situation seems to be the foreign issue in the world that is most talked about. Ask them why campuses are so preoccupied with Israel when the world is infested with genocides, slavery, and oppression.

The answer is decades of marketing funded by oil money, cold war interests, and all-around international scapegoating of Israel at the expense of other neglected human rights issues.

This brings us to the final component.

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