The Neglected Human Rights Concern Across the World

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • September 28, 2022

Why is this important?

This is your third attempt to remove the tension in the discussion and get your opponent to let their guard down. People want to talk to people that care and want to fix things, not just instigate. Showing that the world is being neglected while the Palestinians get all the attention is a powerful argument that will open some eyes. Yet it works so much better if you actually do care about the world and do not just use it as a talking point.


China is oppressing millions of Uyghur. About ⅕ of Mauritiana are black slaves. There is a never-ending genocide in Sudan and many failed states like Somalia. Why does it seem like the only topic in the News for the past 70 years is Israel?

Long Answer:

When we discussed the concern for the Palestinian argument, we asked why there is a UN refugee organization dedicated strictly to the Palestinians that has double the staff, 4 times the budget per capita, and gets exponentially more media exposure than the UNHRC, which is dedicated to the rest of the world’s refugees.

The focus of that argument is to show that the Palestinians are being bullied with an unreasonable amount of resources to stay refugees. But we have not sunk deeper into what it means to other nations.

UNHCR, the neglected refugee organization, is currently taking care of refugees fleeing  5 genocides, including Myanmar, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, and China, but all anyone wants to talk about is Israel and Palestine. In countries like Mauritania, a fifth of the population are enslaved black people, traded like car components. Yet, nothing is done because all the resources and attention are going to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In this quest of learning how to defend Israel, I actually became very passionate about international human rights, and I recommend anyone who advocates for Israel to become an advocate for other vulnerable populations in the world. and not just use human rights for the world as a speaking point.

At the end of this, if you can’t change the mind of your listener to appreciate the Israeli position because they are too stubborn to accept the facts, at least you can get them to ask why this particular conflict is talked about more than other issues that would seem to warrant greater attention.

Even if you can’t get an opponent to see Israel’s side of things, maybe you can get more people to think about and invest their time in more crucial global issues. Hey, if I can’t get you to love Israel, but I can get you to love the world, that’s already a win for me.

Being a complete Jedi in this last argument is nearly impossible because about a third of the world is run by totalitarian regimes. Less than 20% of the world’s nations are legit, clean democracies, and even they are still not free of committing all kinds of world crises.

Once I’ve covered every question I can about this conflict, it is my goal to cover other important issues across the world and make them simple to understand. I truly believe that a great Jew and a Zionist is someone who understands the suffering of the world and tries to heal it.

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