War Sucks!

  • 4 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • August 4, 2022

While I’m probably aging myself, in one of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld, Ellen has managed to do something that Jerry thought was impossible to Yada Yada her entire sex story.

I do have to say that was an impressive feat. But now I’m asking you for something that seems even more impossible to Yada Yada through 70 years of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

That’s right, so here’s how it goes: 2 ethnicities claim to be indigenous to the region. The UN proposed a division, one ethnicity celebrated the proposal, and the second ethnicity tried to kill the first ethnicity. Yada Yada Yada Yada, 70 years have passed, and the second ethnicity still wants to kill the first one.

While this is a fair description of the entire conflict, of course, the whole strategy of the Anti-Israel Marketing Machine is to fill these 70 years with as much content as possible. Nitpicking everything that Israelis have done less than perfect and loading us with so much data that we forget who has started the conflict and who is preventing it from ending.

Of course, we invested thousands of hours creating this website, so you have the answers to all these ridiculous questions and challenges that fill up the content of these 70+ years. Saying that there is a lazier and more effective way to respond to all the technicalities, and no, it’s not 42.

The Answer is that

That’s it! Many Zionists try to prove that we dealt with every point of history perfectly, and no, we didn’t. We didn’t because it is impossible to get everything right in a 70 years-war with people that indiscriminately want you gone, and a portion of them are even willing to sacrifice their own bodies to do so. It is impossible to make sure that anger would not get the best of us and prevent every Israel or, for that matter, every Israeli soldier from doing everything perfectly. And while our courts are known to be diligent, I do not doubt that our courts, every once in a while, have been lenient to our side when there was a crime committed against a Palestinian. Selling this idea that we committed no errors in 70 years of war is not reasonable and unnecessary. I would say that probably in all wars worldwide, no country and no Army has ever been more ethical with their enemies, and I will discuss this in another topic.

But in the end, it is pointless because the haters on the other side won’t believe you and won’t accept that narrative anyway. A more reasonable narrative is that War sucks, and you can’t ask for perfection.

So when the critic on the other side starts talking about:

  • How do did the settlers prevent peace?;
  • How are Palestinians suffering, and how have they been removed from their home?;
  • How there have been occasions when our military has done unjust damage?.

You can argue that the settlers are not causing the conflict. You can argue that the Palestinians are suffering because of their own leadership. You can try to prove to them that many Palestinians left voluntarily, or you can say:

“Look, man, I can spend time discussing and analyzing with you every detail,” or we can agree that war sucks and we can’t get everything perfect. “Yet (as explained in the fundamentals) the Palestinian’s leadership started the war, and the Palestinians are preventing it from ending.”

This is especially relevant when your opponents throw new daily occurrences and technicalities that you simply can’t keep up with. The amount of news or, even worst, the amount of lies that comes about Israel and Palestinians on a daily basis, unless you do this for a living, it is simply hard to keep up. So here’s what I answer when someone challenges me with daily occurrences or technicalities.

You know what?  I’m not up to date on this situation, but I’m pretty sure that if I spent 10 minutes researching on Google, I would find that this is something you made up or taken out of context.

But let’s say your claims are true, and the Israeli soldiers or the Israeli court did not handle it well. I can’t claim that every Israeli citizen gets it perfect, it is a 70-year-old war, and the reality is that war sucks. Too bad that the Palestinians and Arabs started that war and refused to end it.

Don’t be afraid to use it, And Yada Yada, through useless conversations.

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