Who is a More Dagerous Anti Semite, the Extreme Left or the Extreme Right?

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • August 5, 2022


The real discussion is between the new antisemitism, which is heavily but not exclusively promoted by Left-leaning groups and Islamists, and the traditional Anti-Semitism, which again is heavily but not exclusively promoted by the right-wing nationalists. The reality is that New Anti-Semitism is getting more and more mainstream traction. More decision-makers on the left are putting themselves in positions of power that could completely alter the experience of both Israeli and Diaspora Jews.

This is surprisingly far scarier in the long term than the extreme right-wing who are loud, scary buffoons who are continuously pushed into the fringe. So yes, the New Antisemitism, mostly promoted by left-leaning individuals, is far more dangerous.

Yet, the unfortunate psychological effect is both types of antisemitism affect each other. You see more and more Anti-Zionists accepting that the Jewish community is at fault and more Traditional Anti-Semites using Israel as a tool. Unfortunately, both amplify each other.

Long version:

I find this debate often comes up in my Facebook form, Progressive Zionists. It is funny how often right-wing people indiscriminately criticize the left for all the Anti-Semitism issues, and the left-leaning people only see the right-wing as the problem. The reality is that the discussion is not much about the left-leaning or right but about the New Antisemitism and traditional Anti-Semitism. While we see a lot of old-school Anti-Semitic rhetoric on the left, it is far more common with the extreme-right nationalist groups. The New Anti-Semitism, defined by using Anti Zionism to criticize Jews, was mostly invented by the left-leaning movements. They strangely partner with Radical Islamists that would shoot a gay person within sight and gladly treat their women as second-class citizens. This makes this entire Jambalaya so weird and not so clear cut, right or left.

The extreme right is happy to take ownership of the old school form of bigotry; it is their Raison d’etre. Unlike the extreme right, the radical left is not so interested in owning the new form of Antisemitism even if they invented it. Unfortunately, even historically, the lack of taking responsibility is what makes the left so dangerous to Jews. In the former USSR, it wasn’t discrimination against the Jews, it was discrimination against “religion”. Because socialism was pushing secularism, and “religion” was in the way. Why did the Jews get more discriminated against than any other religion? That’s not an important detail.

These days it’s not about Jews. It’s about Human Rights. Why are all supposed humanitarian concerns get directed to the only Jewish country in the world? Bah, just details, not important!!!

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For me, the question is not which form of discrimination is the meanest and scariest. It is the one that is the most effective and, thus, the most dangerous. The people on the extreme right are loud, proud, obnoxious, and angry. They carry weapons and are happy to threaten any oppressed minority.

I think it’s fair to say that in terms of hate for Jews, the extreme right has held the torch quite high in the past century. But these days, they have a tough time reaching the mainstream listener, and that’s why the New Antisemitism was created. Because now, to achieve mainstream popularity, you need a healthy reason to discriminate. In this case, protecting the poor suffering Palestinians is a perfect excuse. This is powerful!!!!

Now, the more you criticize, the more you look like a humanitarian. While the instigators and inventors of the movement know what they are doing, many followers and promoters are blinded to the fact that they are promoting genocide against the Jews.

Considering that the unconditional criticism against the only Jewish state is becoming so popular in left circles, more and more Anti-Zionist leaders get more prominent roles. Jeremy Corbyn, a blatant Antisemite who camouflages as a humanitarian Anti-Zionist, was the leader of the liberals, the main opposition in England’s parliament, in the 2019 election. Berny Sanders in the US, at certain times, did better in the opinion polls than Trump, and the now newcomer AOC is gaining such momentum that if things don’t change, she could become the president in the next decade or two.

Having New Antisemites as policymakers and leaders in the recent future means no more financial and political support for Israel. Of course, this could increase the threat of destruction to the Jewish nation and all its population that their neighbors are so eagerly hoping to achieve. It also pushes us farther from peace. The reality is that Jews in the Diaspora are also becoming more vulnerable. Because while many people see Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism as different things, the Anti-Zionists know that the majority of Jews are still Zionists (and will become more Zionists once they start feeling more oppressed).

Eventually, they will see all Jews as evil people who oppress the Palestinians. It is a brilliant scheme that is promoted by the Anti-Israel marketing machine. Stick to Anti-Zionism, and act like it’s separate from Anti-Semitism, but in the long run, both aspects will align.

Of course, this will lead to the end of the safe and comfortable living the Jews experienced in the US and Canada. We already experience the first mass oppression last May during the Israeli-Hamas war. But it’s nothing compared to European Jews who already have been experiencing it for about 2 decades.

So while right-wing fanatics are dangerous, the New Antisemitism championed by the left could lead Jews back to an Era of unconditional oppression and potential genocide in Israel.

So is the left Anti Semitism, or as I like to call the New Anti-Semitism, more dangerous than old-school extreme right-wing nationalists? You bet your ass off. These days they are not even in the same ballfield, and one of the reasons why we are investing so much time in defending Zionism on this website.

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