Why This Entire Conflict is Completely Fishy

  • 5 minute read
  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • August 4, 2022

Why is the Israeli conflict the weirdest (caugh caugh scam) conflict in the world?

Sometimes, when I debate with a real stubborn Anti-Israel Proponent, it kind of feels like I’m singing Dayenu (it would have been enough) at the Passover table.

If the Arabs would not take 78% of Mandate Palestine and turn it into Jordan. Dayenu!!!

If the Arabs decided to accept a reasonable division of leftover Palestine and not start a genocidal war against us. Dayenu!!!

If the Palestinians accepted the proposal by Olmert for the 97% of the green line. Dayenu!!!!

If activists weren’t always protesting “from the river to the sea.” Dayenu!!!!

There are simply so many things that make the Palestinian ideology so fishy. The list of why this conflict is so weird has become so unbelievably huge, it’s so hard to believe that anyone is taking it seriously.

This means if you challenge someone with one question and they offer a strange response in return, you don’t need to spend time arguing on that point. You can simply go to the next.

P.S.: This conversation works well only when you offer one at a time. Because the Extreme Activists tend to pick and choose the ones they want to answer and ignore the rest:

  1. Why was 78% of the British mandate Palestine given to the Arabs and was named after the local river?
  2. Why, since the 1920s, there has been several massacres against the Jews by the Arabs, and people still think we got along?
  3. Why, since the 1920s, Jews were expelled from more than a dozen towns/settlements?
  4. Why Did the Arabs pressure the British to implement aggressive Anti-immigration policies, and no one seems to care?
  5. Why is the Grand Mufti Amin-al Husyani, the leader of the Arabs in Palestine during that time, is hanging out in a picture with Adolf Hitler like they are old pals?
  6. Why did the Arabs declare war with a goal to remove the Jews from Palestine and then call themselves victims?
  7. Why do the Palestinians have a completely dedicated refugee organization called UNRWA when the rest of the world has a separate organization (UNHCR)?
  8. Why does UNHCR, a refugee organization dedicated to the entire world, has half the employees as UNRWA?
  9. Why do the Palestinians have four times the budget per capita than any other refugee?
  10. Why is the Palestinian refugee status the only refugee status that is passed on for multiple generations, like some kind of membership?
  11. Why did the Palestinians refuse a peace proposal that offered them almost all of the Green Line and even an option for some refugees to return?
  12. Why does every anti-Israel protest or strike consist of chants of “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which, if you don’t put your blinders on, is clearly an uncompromising genocidal chant?
  13. Why, in most Arab countries, are the Palestinians considered to be second-class citizens and mostly do not get absorbed?
  14. Why, while there are so many world crises, the only foreign news we ever hear is about the only Jewish state in the world?
  15. Why was the world not enraged when Israel left Gaza, leaving a multimillion-dollar flower industry, and Hamas burned everything, used their region as a launchpad for terror, and oppressed their own people
  16. Why is UNRWA, the UN refugee organization dedicated to Palestinians, is building schools that put on plays to kill Jews and glorify terrorism?
  17. Why is everyone ignoring that Hamas militants are using hospitals and schools as shelters for their weapons and launching pads for missiles with the hope of retaliation by the Israelis?
  18. Why is no one discussing Hamas and Fatah’s crimes on their own people?
  19. Knowing all these facts, why do our governments keep injecting millions of dollars of our tax money to keep UNRWA afloat, an organization that is clearly more focused on keeping Palestinian refugees forever than actually helping them?
  20. Why do we accept that the Palestinian Authority uses our tax money to compensate the families of terrorists who blew themselves up?
  21. Why are we acting like the Palestinians are the only indigenous people where we can’t name one King, Imam, or Leader who called themselves a Palestinian, nor is there a trace of a flag or currency that defines this ancient indigenous population?
  22. Why are we ignoring that the Romans renamed Judah Philistine to spite the Jewish people and has nothing to do with any kind of Arab History?
  23. Why are we acting like the only migrants to Palestine were Jews?
  24. Why is there not even one book written before the 80s that focuses on an ancient Palestinian population?
  25.  Why does the world not accept the indigenous connection of Jews, considering that they have had a continuous active presence in this region for 3300 years, 1300 years of being the majority? With kings, rabbis, priests, currencies, flags, and traditions?
  26. Why does the world act like we are some ancient population from thousands years ago, where there was always an active community even for example, 400 years ago with the Rennaisance of Kabbalah In Tzeffat?
  27. Why is the world ignoring the 850k refugees that came from the Arab nations, that the majority were absorbed by Israel?
  28. Why, during the Ukrainian war, during the Syria Crisis, and during the Rwanda and Darfur genocide, there was still more resolutions in the UN at those specific times about Israel?
  29. Why is the UN mostly discussing the only Jewisisraelactivists.com/…/is-the-un-a-legitimate-organizationh state in the world where clearly there are major humanitarian crises all over the world?
  30. Why does the UN Human Rights Council has more resolutions about Israel than the entire world combined?
  31. Why was Iran was placed as the Chair of the UN Human Rights Forum on Thursday of 30th, 23 days after they funded the biggest massacre agains’t the Jews since the holocaust?
  32. Why did the only currency the Palestinians ever used have Hebrew written on it?
  33. Why did the leadership of the Arabs in Palestine call themselves the Arab High Committee and not the Palestinian High Committee?
  34. Why did the first Arab Congress of Palestine make a resolution to transform Palestine into the southern region of Syria?
  35. Why did the Arab League in the West Bank and Gaza did not declare Palestinian independence from Jordan before 1967
  36. Why did the Arab League did not create a Palestinian state in West Bank, Gaza, or both after 1949?
  37. Why did the Mufti sign a Memorandum on 19 August 1949 to the Arab nations, demanding that all refugees stay refugees until Israel is no more?

Why do you ask? Because it was always a scam that used the poor Arab refugees of Palestine as a pawn to make sure that there wouldn’t be a Jewish state neighboring the Arab ones.

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