Why Winning the PR is So Important

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  • • by Sharon Koifman
  • • August 5, 2022

I know that many of you already realize that winning the PR war conflict is crucial to help Israel’s security and economy. But there are so many other reasons to defend Israel’s existence. Winning the PR battle would also help drastically reduce antisemitism and, surprisingly, even help both the Palestinians and the world’s human rights in general.

Yes, it is a big statement, but it’s true. How is that possible, you ask? Well, I get into detail in the article on “how to achieve peace,” in which I discuss in detail how the biggest obstacle for the Palestinians to move forward is their destructive dream of getting all of Palestine “from the river to the sea” as they often repeat.

Unfortunately, at this moment, they feel they are winning because of the ever-growing support. Removing that support would take the Palestinians away from that destructive unstainable dream to a more negotiable state. This, of course, would speed up the peace process and get them out of that vicious refugee circle they have been stuck in for the past 70 years.

Also, winning the PR means discrediting the 2 evil dictatorships (Hamas and PLO), combining with 3rd party power such as UNRWA, Iran, and Qatar who want to ensure that Palestinians will stay refugees forever.

I know it’s shocking, but being pro-Israel is the only real way of being Pro Palestinians and searching for a real solution.

Also, the rest of the world, or at least the oppressed world, has fallen victim to this conflict.

Palestinians are getting all the attention, all the resources, and all the Media while China is killing and oppressing millions of Uyghur. Saudi Arabia does the same for Yemen. About 10-20% of Mauritania are enslaved Black people, and the dictators of the world all like it that way. Israel makes a perfect scapegoat, and finishing with this conflict would actually mean dealing with some serious interntional issues.

The United Nations, through UNRWA, hires double the resources and 4 times per capita the budget to manage or, as I like to point out, keep the Palestinian refugees. This is while the Other UN refugee organization, UNHCR, is dedicated to the rest of the world and trying to work with what they have. So I repeat:

UNRWA – Double the employees, 4 times the budget per refugee, and significantly more attention dedicated strictly to Palestinians with no intention of relocating them or solving the problem.

UNHCR – Has almost no Media, half the budget, taking care of the rest of the world, and trying to relocate and absorb refugees.

If you could take away the budget, the human resources, and most important the media attention the Palestinians get and give it to UNHCR, you could single-handedly solve Mauritiana’s slave problem or rebuild Somalia. You could make things better for 33% of the world ruled by totalitarian regimes, most of which are not as powerful as China or Russia.

The problem does not just stop there. The Un condemns Israel 2.5 times more than the entire world combined. And so many big NGOs like red cross, Amnesty, and Oxfam use massive portions of their resources on Israel. All this money, energy, and attention could have gone to activities that would actually help the world.

And what about antisemitism? How does fighting for zionists’ rights prevents antisemitism? This is not my sneaky way of saying that Anti-Zionism is actually antisemitism. I will leave that to other articles on the site.

But even if you subscribe that both Ideas are separated, no one questions that many antisemites are perfectly happy to jump on the Anti-Zionism bandwagon and gain a credible voice. Even David Duke, the ex KKK leader and world-famous racist, keeps tweeting about the poor Palestinians as if he cares.

So suddenly, we are giving a mainstream sympathetic voice even to the Purist Antisemites. Also, there is another reality for the purists who consider themselves only Anti-Zionists that see Zionism as absolute evil. Eventually, they are exposed to the Jewish community, which mostly supports Israel’s rights to exist.

Like in many parts of Jewish History, they will not hate the Jews at start and will try to convert many of them to Anti-Zionism. With time, it will be hard for them not to resent that the majority of the community still supports the “Evil Zionists.”

People in Europe have experienced this for already two decades, and we experienced it in North America May 2021 during the last Hamas-Israel war for the first time. Hate crimes against Jews, which are already alarmingly high, have increased by 75%.

However, it’s not just that it increased: the confidence of people who were committing the crimes and how they were willing to do it in the open is very scary. Many Jews have experienced the type of discrimination we hear from our ancestors, where the perpetrators felt they had the right to do so and felt like vigilantes. They enter restaurants and start beating up any Jew they could find. They would roam and harass people in Jewish neighborhoods.

In my city of Montreal, towns like Côte Saint-Luc have truly experienced for the first time harassment by Anti Israel influenced Anti Semites. In reality, they didn’t ask what’s the politics, but that doesn’t seem to matter for anyone

If we can’t make the case to the world that they are just another group of haters looking for the next excuse to hurt us. By that definition, if we can’t make the case that Israel is on the right side of history, thus they don’t have a legitimate reason to hate us, the world for Jews will get worse and worse.

The interesting psychological phenomenon that is also happening is that it does not matter whether you are from the right or left, An antisemite or Anti-Zionists, or as I call traditional antisemitism or the New-Antisemitism, repeating negative ideas about the Jews does subconsciously affects people from all ideologies. We sing more into the power of repetition in future articles.

When a Regressive Lefty promotes Anti-Zionism, the Righty goes, “you see, those Jews, they are bad to everyone, including Arabs.” And when the fascist right-wing says, these Jews continuously ruin other people’s lives, the regressive left goes, “hmmm I guess he is right; these Jews are promoting hate against Arabs; I guess I don’t like them.” And the worst part is that all these sentiments slowly slowly dwindle to the center.

You may be thinking I’m exaggerating, but it’s a core part of the fascist tactics to use the conflict to disseminate antisemitism. A study performed by Data&Society named “Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online” shows how fascists from the 8chan indoctrinate their trolls to bring Lefties slowly into their antisemitic fold. I will quote one of these 8chan threads they brought in the study:

Don’t forget the easiest way to identify a jew [sic] through conversation and to rally leftists to your side: Israel/Palestine. It’s the easiest fracture point for the left as most support Palestine and yet subconsciously support the Israelis for being a minority. This conflict in their mind will prime them to receive harsher truths that they can then consolidate. Also, if they see one of their jewish friends/acquaintances speak ill of Palestinians they will subconsciously associate jews with their stereotypes.

By being Anti-Zionist, you’re playing the fascist games to disseminate more hate against the Jews.

Research from the University of Bath in 2010 showed that TV Ads are much more effective when you don’t consciously pay attention to them. If your brain is not intentionally challenging what it’s seeing in front of them, you will behave more like a zombie towards the product.

Based on that, it’s fair to say that people are less interested in consciously defending Jews. To a certain degree, they accept that Jews are at least partially guilty of what’s happening in the middle east. Of course, mixing it a bit with the perception that we are a rich white population doesn’t help.

Suddenly you get people who are not consciously challenging antisemitism which lets them accept antisemitic ideas through repetition, whether in the New or traditional format. So whether the hate is shouted from the right or the left, it is a repetition that affects everything.

Behavior psychology research such as the one above teaches us that in order to influence, all you have to do is repeat many times with conviction to minimally conscious people who are affected by Anti-Zionism, and this is what leads to all the antisemitic attacks we have these days. Whether we like it or not, we are not immune to influence and repetition.

So whether you believe Anti-Zionism is the same as antisemitism, I hope I have managed to convince you that Anti-Zionism is the reason for the massive increase in antisemitism.

So if you understand all that and understand the present danger, how do you prevent antisemitism from growing? Straight forward, making sure that Jews and allies are equipped with the right tools to defend Israel will make a difference.

Putting aside the outside haters, the Jewish community also has another major internal challenge. It has been a long time since we have been so divided.

Another reason why whining about the PR for Israel is so important is because it is a uniting factor for our community. It will bring back pride and connection. Many Jews across the world are questioning their community and are feeling uncertain and disconnected because of the connection to Israel. In our history, Jews left the community because they feared danger and the inability to integrate into society, but now it is no longer about that. It’s about the fact that many of us have been influenced or even brainwashed to be ashamed and doubtful of our ancestral land.

And the world is slowly pushing the narrative that you can’t be Progressive and Zionists, which is completely insulting considering we are fighting for the indigenous people of the region and should not be defined by our haters. But still, it makes many of us question, which separates our community into doubters/self critics and Israel lovers.

Understanding that we are on the right side of history and all our critics are simply a new evolution of antisemitism will bring back pride and unity in the Jewish community, something that the Anti-Israel Marketing Machine has managed to deteriorate.

So there you have it, convincing the world that Israel is a fair peacemaking country and it is the nation of indigenous people of the region, not only would serve the cause of Israel but could unite our community, drastically reduce Anti Semitism, potentially take Palestinians out of their refugee status and get us back focus on other major world issues.

If you thought being good at defending Israel was just an afterthought, I hope I got your attention.

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